Canadian Shorts (YEG), Spiced Triple Turkey (BOS), & Normal Times (MSN) ALL for $0 at NP Today!

CANADA TODAY (by Nadim):

People tell me I’m crazy for waking and doing November Project at 6am, three times a week. I tell them they’re more crazy than me because they’re boring and they need an injection of awesomeness. Today, there was real crazy. Two people came to run hills in shorts. While the water in everyone’s bottles were turning to ice, these guys were running in shorts! On top of that, one tribe member was trying to race cars down the road! Life must have been too slow for him after flying all those planes in the air force that he needed to race cars.

Here’s the deal for Monday. We are going to have 2 groups. The Field Trip Group and The Meet & Greet Group. (Click here for map).
The Field Trip Group will meet Jen at 5:45am at Pin A and comes to find The Meet & Greet Group at Pin B. If you don’t have to be at work right after, please be part of The Field Trip Group. The Meet & Greet group will meet Nadim at 6:00am at Pin B.

BOSTON TODAY (by Brogan):

We usually run “full frontals” (the front side of Summit Ave) or “Up & Overs” (the full hill on both sides), but never have we done “Up & Overs With Triple Turkey Spice.” Imagine, silent Brookline getting ready to tuck their shirts in and walk their $6,000 dogs before going to the office, and NP swarms Summit Ave in complete silence to attack three hills, with a ninja-cut off the side path into the darkness (this adds roughly 250 stairs)… yeah, it was intense. Now image if there were 3 perfect turkeys chillin’ in one of the yards we ninja’d by? Yeah, that’s the story.

We were out of the street, we were silent, and we were awesome. One hint from the 5:30AM Wednesday group that we hope you’ll consider… neon/bright colors, along with headlamps, glowing shit, or blinky-blingy anything on your bod will be more safe AND will give an added boost in great photos and staying upbeat in the dark months ahead. Consider buying some bling-flash gear soon.

MONDAY: We’re taking over Boston University. Let’s consider starting off the week right with a little RUN-FUN-RUN. Find the info and map on here on Monday.Edu – See you there.

#DECKADAY: Stay on it friends. By Halloween everyone is going to assume you’re something sexy as your costume even if you don’t slut it up this year.


More info coming soon… actually, this might be the whole story… stay tuned.

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