Happy Wednesday Everybody!

by Nadim

Another frosty morning in Edmonton. We worked so hard, our sweat turned the stairs to ice and by the end of the 31 minutes, we were slipping our way down the stairs. We rallied and met new friends in the process. The tribe is not afraid of cold weather. The tribe is not afraid of ice. The tribe is strong.

Sorry about the blurry picture. My camera taking skills are still in vacation mode.

by Laura

People almost died this morning. They almost died while playing sharks and minnows. This is how SF started our workout. We attempted to give out the “positivity award” but the recipient did not show. So Laura proceeded to use the award in the only way she knew how, she waved it at people in an aggressive, somewhat threatening manner to get them to do what she wanted. After beginning our relay races, we were blinded by the police search light and got told that after multiple weeks of getting complaints, they finally had to come shut us up. Laura did her best to charm the pants off the Irish officers, even explaining that she was a McC and we may possibly be related. After having a thorough discussion about the mosquitoes and threat of yellow fever, the Irishmen left us alone, and simply told us to “shut the fuck up.” Another successful Wednesday in the books.

by Bojan

Like bootie blasting race up and down the 40 sections of the stadium wasn’t enough, this morning we added a spice of 40 air-squats (squat until our buts touched the seats) with the intention of firing quads and hamstrings slightly more than usual. We named this workout at 6:29am – Fucking40! It’s pretty clear that early in the morning creative juices are flowing without any interruption.

In other news BG and Bojan are back from their nationwide and international travels. While they were away in the woods of the world without access to the internet or cell service the blog updates were on hold. What you missed since last Wednesday is that Derrick and Lindsay were running wild doing a great job with the tribe, our Canadian friends celebrated Thanksgiving, and Madison’s post is still coming. Happy Wednesday!


Coming soon…

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