YEG Gets Political While We Welcome New Cities to Growing NP Family

By Nadim

It’s Decision day in Edmonton! Sadly, we are not announcing that we are taking our talents to south beach. The tribe had to choose between two groups. The Field Trip Group started the day with a run to our location, while the Meet & Greet group did no meeting or greeting. They just did burpees until The Field Trip Group arrived. All of this was followed by a #DestinationDeck workout as the street lights reflected off the river on a warm Monday morning. The perfect start to the week. It’s also election day here, and since there were no babies to kiss we gave our best politician pose.

by Bojan

A lot of out tribe was involved in some road and trail racing this past weekend. With that in mind, and with ten or so sessions left in your #deckaday challenge, we decided to focus this morning’s workout on some core strengthening exercises. Workload this morning was lighter than usual (insert poop joke here) which means that Wednesday will kick your ass… We will meet at section 19 at 5:30am and 6:30am for some stair running. Huge thanks to our friends from Boston University that made our outreach great success and special thanks to the construction dudes that made our group photo more rugged than usual.

This weekend we officially added 3 more locations to our growing November Project family and on Wednesday we are going to have our first ever seven-city workout. WHAT!!!??? Exciting times! Make sure that you welcome San Diego (facebook/twitter), Washington DC (facebook/twitter), and Denver (facebook/twitter) by following/liking/poking/tickling them and telling them how awesome they are through social media channels. In the following weeks we will be featuring all these tribes so you’ll get to meet each and every one of them. We’re proud and excited to be associated with these great humans. Tribe is really fucking strong! Happy Monday!

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