Balmy January Wednesday (YEG)

What?! I know, its another Edmonton blog that uses weather as its theme…yada, yada, yada…but this time its warranted…I mean it could be years before we ever are one of the Top 5 warmest NP cities in January again. When I woke up I didn’t know what to wear…it was -30 just over a week ago and today +3…shorts and a tank top? I settled for tights and a long sleeve…I went from 24 clothing items to 7 items today (that includes each sock and my buff!) I LOVE IT!! I think I fit in another set of stairs just because I had fewer layers resisting my movements.

The tribe was fast today, the stairs were slick, the air was warm, the hugs were long, the smiles were visible, the newbies were new…ok, I’m stretching for things now…time to wrap it up…NP NEVER GETS DULL…IT’S ALWAYS AMAZING!!

Friday we meet at Emily Murphy to have hills for breakfast. Forecast looks good…really doesn’t matter, we prove we can handle everything!


  1. Drop your verbal for Friday and record today’s stair reps using the NP Tracker here
  2. Submit your #InappropriatelyFast #NP_HOMEWORK via Instagram for a chance at a great prize! Details
  3. Share your NP Story, it may get used for the NP Book. Submission form for your story can be found here. We know NPCanada tribies have great stories…let’s share those with the world! (If you want to read some of your tribemates stories check out the Personal Stories and find Kerry, Paul, Greg, Dayle, Manon, Jaden and Calvin’s blog posts)
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