And In Other News… (SD)

This is a public service announcement: November Project is for everyone. I repeat, we love everyone…as long as you hug us back and show up ready to give 110%. Is it easy? No. If it feels easy, you better be winning. #raceeverything


Today was good. Today we had collegiate athletes racing next to soccer moms, racing next to veterans, racing next to nurses, racing next to hairstylists, racing next to…children? Yup, that’s right. Whatever your excuse is for not getting your ass out of bed this morning, it’s invalid. In fact, scientific research has proven that getting your ass out of bed and working out with November Project not only has a positive effect on said ass, but actually reduces the degrees of separation between you and Superman. So really, truly, there is no excuse. Get out of bed. Be Superman.
Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!
In other news:
– DONT FORGET – #inappropriatelyfast homework! Instagram that gold ASAP!!
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