4 Decks Down, Dark Ass Canada, & Wisconsin Says NO THANKS to Another Shower.

BOSTON NOTES (by Dan Graham’s Little Brother):

We are four decks into this month’s challenge called #deckaday. Bodies are feeling it but the commitment remains strong. Just know, that when you’re flippin’ them cards at 11:26PM on your roof as the cards blow all over the fuckin’ place, the tribe is with you and you’re doing a great job. If you’re jumping in and out of #deckaday and are doing “some of the month,” you’ll be happy to know that we have a new term for your kind. You’re called a “#deckaday tourist” and the full explanation can be found in section 15B of the NP vocab post. Enjoy your weekend and remember, Claire Wood is hot, on the market, and she’s faster than most humans who run with their legs.

MONDAY: We take over Boston College like we own the place. Check out our post with all Oct locations here: Monday.Edu – We hope to see you there.

WISCONSIN NOTES (by Dan B. Graham):

No one had to shower after working out in the rain (Again!) up at the State Capitol. We owned the State Street Stuttle Run. For those that haven’t heard – the Stuttle Run brings the training of most Middle School Basketballs teams out of the Gym and relates it to adults on a grand scale. It’s over 4 miles of running and it is the most fun you can have pre-dawn, smelling bus exhaust and wet garbage.

Our boy Jeff Morris shoots powerful videos and if you haven’t yet – You need to check in on our Facebook page – Don’t LIKE us if you don’t. But you will.

Our Teams grow, their Managers talk mad shit to each other all day. We couldn’t be prouder of our groups for showing up today. Some people stayed in their beds cuz it was stormy or Leanne wouldn’t pick ’em up. I’m not saying those people are starting their Friday a bit weaker – cuz they know it in their heart.

Team DG Team Teddy
Brian Hildebrand Adam Sentori
Brian Purtell Allison Pfaff
Christin Fukada Ben Wurl-Koth
Colin Harari Brett Hagen
Dan Kennelly Courtney Johnson
Emily Schabe Craig Igl
Grace Miller Dave Wargowski
Jade Fea Emilie McCullough
Jeff Morris Gabby Waclawik
Joe Docter Gabriel Cranley
Joseph Halaas Jeff Lowe
Kevin Williams Jeff Mack
Kristi Jamieson Jeff Mack
Kristi Johnson Joy Bjorklund
Kristina Lenz Kathy Acher
Leah Von Oss Kelley Flury
Liz Munchoff Kelly Nawrocki
Lori Becker Kelsey Johnson
Lori Wargowski Kevin Hubbard
Mark Pan Laura Miller
Mary Yoder Laura Schott
Melanie Satmerjohn Lee Schwartz
Nancy Bauch Lindsay Carlson
Pat Bauch Lisa Anderson
Ruby Martin Nicole Martin
Ryan Harrison Polly Westmont
Scheckle Rebecca Gilbert
Soren Hughes Sam Keepman
Steve Fons Sara Jimenez
Suzie Strachota Soumya Palreaddy
Tom Pedersen Stina S

EDMONTON NOTES (by Andrew’s Older Sister Jen):

TGIF! You’ve earned your weekend tribe! Another incredible Friday making our way up & down Emily Murphy Hill. Thank you David for filling in for our absent Nadream…We Missed You Nadim (unofficial callout)… good luck in Seattle oh faithful leader! Since we’re in the mood to express our thanks today… we also want to thank all those partners out there who volunteer to stay home in the early morning with the kiddies… you deserve big hugs too!

Enjoy your weekends and see you all Monday for #DestinationDeck called “Challenge the Leader” at the Legislature Grounds!

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