War DestinationDeck and Monday.edu Continues

by Nadim Chin

We protested at the Legislature Grounds as we Challenged the Leaders. We took Destination Deck to a whole new level today and made it a War Destination Deck. But, it was the most peaceful and loving war that you will ever see. There were hugs and high fives. When we couldn’t agree on who won, we settled things in true NP style… with a fire drill.

Today was not easy. It was not meant to be.

Tomorrow, is our #weatherproof clinic at MEC. We will be there from 5:30pm-7:00pm before we head over to Hudsons Downtown. If you’re not on the list for MEC, sorry, you’re too slow. We’ll see you at Hudsons!

by Derrick Shallcross a.k.a. Derrill

From the misty Monday morning fog the tribe gathered this morning at the Cassidy Playground for round 2 of Monday.Edu. With one leader off reenacting the Jungle Book in Dominica (or is it Domineeeeca?) and the other temporary on the DL, the tribe had to fend for itself. We gave some hugs and met some newbies including a small but vocal pack that made the trip around the reservoir to represent Boston College. Then we raced. The wet grass and humid air made us think it might still be summer but the fact that it was barely light out reminded us that winter is right around the corner. To work on our #weatherproofing we didn’t avoid the muddy ground but instead embraced it. Races were followed by a classic circuit training session where we did some extra leg work to help out those who have jelly arms after 6 days of #DeckADay. Don’t forget, today’s workout does not count towards your deck total. For those of you who have been doing #DeckADay, keep it up. For those of you who have been doing #DeckEveryFewDays, there is still time to finish strong STOP FUCKING AROUND. We will see you all on Wednesday when we race Harvard Stadium and make BG & BM jealous they left to work on their tans (which we will definitely make fun of them for having when they return).

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