Wednesday, October 2nd

by Nadim

Shoutout goes to everyone who braved the cold weather and rain this morning. The snow had melted by the time we tackled the stairs, but it was great to see so many beautiful faces early this morning. We were one group this morning and went 30 minutes and as many steps as we could or else we would have had to answer to Jen.

Don’t forget! Recruit Recruit Recruit! #TeamJen vs #TeamNadim

by Ben Fox

The days are getting shorter, the mornings are getting darker, and the tribe is growing stronger. Sans leader Laura, who is cheating on us with her ex (never works out like you want it to), the tribe came together as one today in her absence. We set aside our competitive wheat grass juices, and did a true team workout, synchronized San Franciscans. We rocked out to a some phone tunes while dominating “Tabatas” – sets of squat jumps, Russian twists, burpees, and sargent jumps with hill loops in between. Lots of members gearing up for the DivisUp or ShutUp run tomorrow. All members missing Laura. Good day.wr

by GoPro camera
We let our videos do all the talking…

by Bojan

It was nice to welcome back our long lost friend FrogMan1. Laura got in all the way from San Fran to steal our positivity awards. BG and BM will be away next Wednesday and Friday and are leaving Lindsay and Derrick with the keys to the house. Like our friends from MSN, our group photo was a video.

Don’t forget about #Deckaday – our October long challenge. Happy Wednesday!

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