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Remember this article?

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The piece, written by one of our Boston tribe members, was printed almost 2 years ago… Oh, how have things changed since then… BG was 30 and Bojan was 31. November Project was in two cities (Boston and Madison) and since then it has grown into sixteen in North America. A few hundred members turned into five or six hundred members on average at a single workout on the old seats/steps of Harvard Stadium. We grew, we expanded, we became more or less mature. But some things along the way have never changed. We still get November Project tattoos from time to time. We still strongly believe that our “grassroots” can grow far and reach wide, and that our community can remain strong as we grow in numbers.

This may surprise some of you out there, but we’ve been strategically working with Boston brands from day one to build a world wide community by empowering humans of all fitness levels through FREE weekly workouts (Did that sound like our mission statement? Because it is.). These relationships have enabled us not only to provide FREE workouts, but they’ve also given our members the opportunity to walk away with some occasional free gear, experiences, races, drinks and snacks – Yes, fucking snacks. 

From our first blog post of all time showing our very first recruit Sara, with her frozen #PR_Pizza – a pizza that we awarded to people that posted a PR for a full tour at the Harvard Stadium, to 88Acres bars, to Hubway memberships, to BaileyWorks bags, Bern Unlimited, Dooster Films, Marathon Sports, and a few cold ones from Harpoon Brewery, just to name the few. Brands big and small have donated their products and services, brought their employees to the workouts, and supported us in each step along the way as we head toward World Takeover.

By the end of 2013, we happily went into our pockets to create a trip, a hilarious fucking experience, for the existing 7 cities of leaders and made our way to the frozen city of Edmonton for our first ever NP Summit. This trip was overwhelming and stressful, but worth every cent as we realized the value in connecting our leaders and developing November Project culture. We knew immediately that our annual #NPSummit needed to be built into our 12 month calendar.

In 2014, post Runners World love, with sixteen tribes sprinkled all over North America it was time for another summit. This time it will be bigger, faster, and at more obscure location. Enter The North Face Endurance Challenge Series. The North Face (TNF) has been the brand that we grew up loving, and admiring for sponsoring some of our childhood heroes. November Project and The North Face Endurance Challenge had a lot in common. The Endurance Challenge brings people together to push the limits of what they felt possible and demonstrates what helping each other can accomplish. NP, well at this point, everyone knows what NP does.

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2012 Endurance Challenge at Bear Mountain, NY is the race where BG had his first big win as the leader of November Project Boston, and Dan Graham and Pat Bauch before being Dan from NP Milwaukee and Pat from NP Madison, got themselves a silver medal for racing in Endurance Challenge Wisconsin. There was already connection between NP and TNF but now this badass organization that we admired and respected offered support to bring our tribes together at their six North America events, where we dominated the marathon relays. They also offered to support and help organize our 2014 NP Summit in Madison, WI. Yes please! As the result, the summit ended up being the most memorable experience of 2014!

The North Face has always been a performance apparel brand that manufactured pimp gear that you would take on amazing adventures all over the world. It’s also the brand that every mother clothes their child in right before they depart for their first semester at any college in New England. When you say The North Face, you think exciting, epic, badass, warm. Our match with TNF now, makes sense and feels right.

What this newly established relationship means for the November Project tribes will become clearer in the coming weeks. Right now the leaders of all November Project tribes will have access to the best #weatherproof apparel in the world and resources to make their morning workouts better and more streamlined. BG and Bojan will finally have a chance to grow the movement outside of annoyingly skippy skype calls and 8 minute long voicemails, and actually meet new leaders before the annual #NPSummit. Speaking of which, this year it will be bigger and better than ever before – The North Face Endurance Challenge Park City, UT – September 26-27 – put it on your calendars now!

November Project tribe members will have the same if not better experience at the workouts that are currently in 16 cities. A future where November Project workouts are in every city in the world is within reach. And why is that important? As you know “This. Shit. Is. Good!” and we shouldn’t keep it all to ourselves.

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