Battle of the Sexies (NPSD)

The sun barely peeked over the clouds this morning. There were no birds. Even the lowly earthworms scurried deeper into their dirty haven as the natural world prepared itself for the impending Armageddon.

Now, there have been some epic battles in our world’s history. I mean there was David vs Goliath. Angels vs Demons. Pepsi vs Cola. Star Wars vs Star Trek. Red Sox vs Yankees. Lohan vs Sobriety…wait, what? I digress… but let me just say that NONE of these…well okay, maybe Star Wars vs Star Trek comes close, but NONE of these battles truly stand up to what happened today and Kate Sessions Park. The Battle of the “Sexies”. Yes, you heard me right. Not only did we split the park like an 8th grade dance, but we all giggled whenever Battle of the “Sexes” was mentioned. So, since we are all so ridiculously good looking, Battle of “Sexies” satisfied both our pride, and our immaturity… I continue to digress….
In Summarization (because that sounds better than “summary”): The Boys beat the Girls by a measly 6 points. But really, who’s counting. We handed out some MVP capes today, one of which was bestowed upon Ashleigh who will be Bon Voyaging around the globe for the next four months…leaving you, NPSD, in the hands of myself and LP…(enter Dr Evil laugh)…get ready!
As always my dear tribe: Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT!
Super Important But Boring Annoucements:
I have nothing to say here…
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