Windy? Frankly, my dear, NPSF doesn’t give a damn

It’s windy outside? Frankly, my dear, the Tribe doesn’t give a damn.

Showing our #weatherspoof ways, we awoke this morning to howling gales outside our homes but didn’t let that phase us. We donned the #GrassrootsGear, laced up our kicks, and off we went running into gale force conditions on the way down to Fort Mason. Given the whole Oscars weekend, I suppose we were gone with the wind (Booom! Way to show your knowledge of current and former media, Paddy. #knowledge). You would expect the co-leaders to realise that planning a playing card-based workout on a windy morning was a bad idea. Even more so, you would probably expect them not to bring the said playing card workout down to the wind exposed aquatic park pier. Well think again, the co-leaders (i.e. Paddy. Laura gladly threw him under the bus) had an ulterior motive. As the tribe chased and grabbed the wind swept cards up and down the pier, they were getting extra squats and sprints. Always thinking #chaseeverything.

For all the non-attendees on Monday’s, you’re missing out big time. This morning, we got loud, really fucking loud, actually louder than loud, might have been the loudest. We were boisterous. Everything was AWESOME that workout (or BRILLIANT in Paddy’s terms).

The views were awesome…


The sunrise was awesome…


Tantek’s instagame was awesome…


Mama Lil’s ability to levitate was awesome…


Adrienne was “I love Monday’s” awesome…


Kenny Wong’s planking was…… well pretty average. Engage that core, Kenny!


On Wednesday, we’re taking on the PR workout, a new PR workout. So basically, everyone’s PRs. Fuck yeah!

Alta Plaza… Wednesday… 6:22AM


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