#ReadyToRace (DCA)

(Mon/Wednes/Fri)day in and day out, we gather to with the goal of creating a positive, accepting, fast as hell community. I’d say we’ve been successful thus far. It’s easy to see the earlier part of this description at every workout and in our daily lives via hugs, smiles, and every single connection we make. We see the latter part of this description, not only at workouts, but in the grassroots gear racing and (and placing) at extracurricular activities (races).


On the last Wednesday of the month, we usually race it out against ourselves. 17 logs for time. How fast were you compared to last time (or your fastest time)?

This Wednesday, we race it out against ourselves AND against the November Project world. DC is the fastest city. I know that. But for some reason, the other tribes felt the need to test that and possibly validate themselves as the second or third fastest tribes. That’s fine by me. Let them fight for silver and bronze. We’re GOLD. So come ready to race it out and prove it. Talk shit to people from other tribes. We are the fastest 6K tribe. HANDS DOWN.

If you missed it, the #tattoverbal is halfway complete.

WEDNESDAY at Lincoln. 5:30 & 6:30AM start times. 6K race. #JustShowUp

If you make it to this point, comment on the Facebook post, instagram, tumblr, or tweet: #ReadyToRace #Sunrise6k #NP_DC


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