Member Spotlight with a Little Truffle Butter

This month’s #NP_NO member spotlight it Collin!


Tribe Member since:  March 19, 2014 – Pledging week 6, I believe.

What do you do for a living: Assistant to a financial advisor in New Orleans

 How did you hear about #NP_NO: My friend Kate told me about it during pledging last February, I eventually caved! Fast forward to today and here I am, still bothering you folks.

Why do you keep coming to November Project: I’m going to be cliché on this answer and say the camaraderie – I love being held accountable for the work out – and the people I have met through NP-NO are so wonderful.  I am thankful to make memories in the town I love doing what I love to do for my fitness and health with people that actually enjoy doing it too! (run on sentence, sorrryyyy)

 One guilty pleasure: Those of you that know me, let’s say it together: Orbit Bubblemint Gum and Macaroni & Cheese :o)

Favorite thing to do in Nola when not at #NP_NO: Besides obsessing over my dog, Dottie, I love a good weekend brunch. And I love the live music scene.

Who is your favorite Female #NP_NO leader: Preston!!!!!!!!!!!! oh…. He’s a dude? awkward.

One random fact: I have the memory that’s comparable to an elephant – especially when it comes to specific dates, ie. birthdays, weddings, any random life event, like when I moved to Nola (March 30, 2011)

Give us something you have learned about a stranger through #NP_NO: A new found friend started running not even a year ago – I am so inspired by his journey and it’s exciting to see how passionate he is about his fitness.  He’s now running all over the city like a boss! (Go Darin go!!!) He also used to have the same dog breed as me, Chiweenie,  and we bonded over “humping” videos of our animals.

Any goals for 2015 (fitness related or other): Well, now that I’ve run my first ever half Marathon at the Rock N Roll, I wanna do more more more! I also recently decided, (with the encouragement from Kate) to teach spin part-time. Everyone go check out Higher Power Nola! It’s a spinning/yoga studio and is awesome!

 Favorite Nola Restaurant or Bar

Restaurant:  CAFE ABYSINNIA – That place is my jam and of course Bacchanal!

Bar:  To be honest, I’m all over the grid when it comes to bars. But any where that serves Kahlua and coffee is a winner in my books.

Favorite Nola Festival: Can I say all of them???  No but seriously, can I ? I love all things music oriented. French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest, Buku (minus the little tikes running around),

 Thoughts on Dak Prescott returning to Mississippi State for next year? You predicting a Heisman run?


Have you visited a different NP Tribe, if so tell us about it.  If not, which one would top your wish list and why? Boston, duh! I’ve always wanted to visit – however may wait until the warmer months… my bones can’t handle the cold/snow.

If you were a dinosaur, which type would you want to be and why? I’m going to use this opportunity to reference The Land Before Time… And I’m 100% Ducky.

And the Positivity Award goes to Doug! You may not always hear Doug, but is always out there busting his ass. No matter how bad the weather gets Doug is guaranteed to #justshowup!He is the epitome of NOLA #weatherproof and that is why we LOVE him!



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