Icy Dicey Dangerzones (IND)

Fact: Indy does not have 20 gazillion feet of snow like #NP_BOS. Fact: your #NP_IND leader does not own a shovel. Thus: the #NP_IND tribe members are now masters at ice climbing. #FuckYeah!

The War Memorial south stairs glistened in the morning light (yay, sun!)  with enough ice to give Glacier National Park a run for its money. And so, per the Mothership’s recommendation, our monthly pulse check known as #RaceDay was modified for safety precautions. Safety third, people, safety third.


More fun facts: The Mothership raced with us in Indy today! Bojan straight up crushed #RaceDay, throwing down a negative split for the 5:28 and 6:15 workouts. Enjoy your serious case of #FIMO if you missed it.

2014-03-27 00.58.44

And the #PositivityAward went to Colleen today, whom we applaud for her serious Girl Scout cookie addiction and teal NP shaped red blood cells pulsing through her veins.


Nice work today, tribe! #TheTribeIsStrong

See you next week! Indiana War Memorial, north stairs, 5:28am/6:15am, Wednesday.

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