Wobble Baby Wobble (YEG)

I must confess bounces do not come out of thin air, shocking I know but it can be hard to think about what to do. Yes simple is great but sometimes you gotta spice it up a bit. My general rule is if I can make even one person hyped up, then I am happy. The bounce this morning did just that to me the first time I heard it. It’s utterly ridiculous, silly, goofy, and I love it – I hope you did too haha.

This past weekend Jen, Nadim, and I had the opportunity to experience a thing called Meeting of the Minds (MOM). It collected all of the leaders from 51 cities around the world in order to meet, collaborate, and learn from each other. Its hard to articulate everything that happened but know that my heart and my mind is full. I did everything I could to listen often; I hope that the learnings and experiences gained will help me grow and help this community grow. If you want to know more come ask, I would be happy to talk your ear off haha. The link below is a written recap of some of the events from the perspective of another leader:

This community continue to amaze me and I am sure it amazes you too (all you have to do is look around). This morning we met some people that came for the first time, we had someone doing laps of the concourse in a wheelchair, and we saw countless faces of intention/drive. Thank you for showing up, thank you for putting all of yourself into the morning, and thank you for sharing this with the world. This is a movement that will never stop.

Get out there, enjoy the sun, and we’ll see you on friday for some hills for breakfast.

Keep being awesome,



  • Friday – Walterdale Hill


  • Wednesday, August 28 – Old 96er & the Gristle – last chance of the season
  • Monday, September 2 – Sunrise 6K
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