Three days after my birthday, Jonathan and I attempted a 50k in Julian, CA. The race started around 4500ft and would climb to just over 6000ft elevation. It was somewhere over 100º when I was low on water and food. Once I started getting light headed I knew I was in a rough spot. At mile 20 I turned around and headed back for the aid station that I passed 2 miles prior. On my way back I saw Jonathan and told him I was out. Not long after, I got a text from him saying he was dropping out as well. We commiserated over mediocre food and joked about how I was about to head to the desert for a race that would be even hotter.

A couple weeks before our race, a friend reached out and asked if I knew anyone interested in pacing Badwater 135. Thinking I might never have the opportunity to do that, I said fuck it why not. For those of you that don’t know, Badwater 135 is a 135 mile footrace that begins in the Badwater Basin, travels through Death Valley, and finishes at the Mt. Whitney portal. The day before the race, the outside temp was 129º, and during the race it ranged from 115º-120º. Don’t worry though, it’s a dry heat!

It’s a dry heat.

I was pacing John Kohler, former co-leader of NP Kansas City. Over the course of 39 hours, I watched John go from absolutely crushing the race, to falling into a terrible head space. Seriously, he ran the first 50k in 5:20 and then by mile 60 we were walking 25+ minute miles.

Being a pacer is an honor, and a tough gig. You’ve gotta know when to be a hard ass and when to be a ray of sunshine. At one point, John asked why we were doing this. Why was I out here with him? I told him I was there because Pam asked me and it sounded awesome. Also, because sometimes you stop thinking and decide to just show up. Kind of like how we all wind up at NP.

This was all in the first week after my birthday, and none of it would have happened if I never came to NP. If you ask enough people, you’ll hear stories about how November Project has changed their lives. How it helped pull them out of a dark place, how it helped them get fit, how it introduced them to some of the most amazing people they know. I know this because those are just a few things that this community has brought to me. One of the reasons I lead is to give back to a community that has given me so much, and continues to do so.

November Project Los Angeles is a place where everyone can feel the love, everyone can feel included, and no one has to worry about judgement or ridicule. I wear my grassroots gear everywhere and talk about NP to everyone because I am proud of the community that we have. I’m STOKED to share our energy with this incredible city. I’d love to have 100+ people flying around at our workouts again. It sounds like a big number, but in reality all it means is having each person bring 1 new friend. All you need to do is convince one person to say fuck it and just show up. After all, that’s all it took to get you here!

Do good, LA!


  • NP LAX Survey
  • Friday – 6am meet at the Santa Monica Pier entrance. Wear shoes!!
  • Recruiting – We all remember our first NP, and for 99% of us it all started with someone asking us to come. So we are throwing down the challenge for you to get at least one new person to come to a workout. Take a recruiting paper when you go out to eat and leave it with that 20% tip that you give your awesome server/bartender/barista. 
  • Summit – This page has all the info you need. ITS GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN ERMAGHAAAD

Words of affirmation – You are a badass human being that can tackle anything!

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