A Future So Bright We ALL Wear Sunglasses

Coming off the November Project leadership gathering in Seattle, we’re feeling great! We set out on this trip with a few goals: 

  • Give our leaders tools and ability to understand certain powerful topics
  • Share important NP stories
  • Listen to the many voices of co-leaders and members
  • Connect more deeply with Brooks Running
  • Simply share space with one another.

We did all of that and then some and we’ll make sure to share the learnings and takeaways with the whole movement in the upcoming weeks and months. But for now, we want to share this combined all-time high energy inside leadership with the rest of the movement. 

This coming Wednesday we’re asking all members and Co-Leaders to wear sunglasses to the workout. It’s an easy/fun theme that we can all share easily to signify our togetherness. This way we’ll be able to see images from all 51 locations around the world where the shades will be dawning all of our faces at the workout. Any pair of sunglasses will do but you know how we feel about the Knockarounds. So, if you have a second, third, or 55th extra pair (Toni D of NPSF, we might be looking at you) please bring them along to lend out. The next day, Thursday, we’ll post an album on Facebook with 51 locations looking into our bright future. An easy way to celebrate the momentum of the NP movement worldwide, a fun way to show the reach of all NP locations, and the cheesy (but real) point to our bright future.

So let’s all show up in shades and let’s get creative and see which city will WOW the world next Wednesday morning with their group photo at the end. Bragging rights are always on the line, let’s get after it.

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  1. Ready to #justshowup With my custom yellow shades from Knockaround to match my yellow November Project Syracuse cape! #capethediem

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