Sleepless in Seattle (Worcester)

The intent of this blog is to recap the 2019 Meeting of the Minds.

Wednesday was travel day. I was blessed to hop on the flight to Seattle with none other than #Stevemovesmountains from Providence. Side note- Steve is the man you want to travel with. He upgraded our seats to AND from Seattle.

Buckle Up. MOM went a little something like this.

Wednesday: arrive, meet up with long lost friends, get toiletries at the nearest drug store because you forgot all yours, have lunch, go to optimism brewery, line up on the turf and do an intro.

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Hi, My Name is Peanut and I’m from Worcester. HI PEANUT ((CLAP CLAP))

Thursday: Meet outside of the dorm at 6. We are running a 5k-ish. With…. Des Linden. She “forgot” her watch, but really I think she just didn’t want anyone to be able to prove they ran faster than her one time. As for me, it’s going on my resume. We listened to Des explain what it means to “Keep showing up” and I can’t wait to bring those thoughts to my community. Following the run, we spent the day at Brooks Headquarters. Jim, The CEO is incredibly passionate about his profession, as are all the employees we worked with. The day was spent with the group splitting up in to 5 smaller groups, and rotating through classes. Thank you for a great day, Brooks Running! Following this, we walked to Gas Works Park where the Friday workout would be to tell some really bad jokes to pass the time. We walked from there to dinner- Dinner ended up being a boat cruise with some Brooks employees and… Des Linden. Bless her introverted humble heart for putting up with all of us all day.

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I’m on a boat. With Des Linden. In Seattle.

Friday morning we went to the November Project Seattle workout and got in to groups of 3. Myself, and Ridley from Malaysia grabbed Jackie who was from Seattle. She is new to the area, and missed the bounce where we explained why the workout had over 100 extra people. She thought it was just a popular morning at the park. Thanks for being in our group, Jackie. We’re glad you were there. After the workout, we had about 3 seconds to shower and have breakfast. From there, we walked downtown to our classes. We had guest speakers Soumya and D.A. lead trainings on diversity and inclusion, after that there was a segment on sexual harassment and assault. This was a very heavy day emotionally. For me, this was the day where I really took away a LOT. To hear other leaders get up and speak from personal experiences about many different topics, to see and feel emotion of others, to know no matter what you get up and say- there was a room of over 100+ people offering their support. I think this is the appropriate time to say “all the feels”. Friday night was a do what you want to kind of night so I went out with a small group to explore the city.

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Post workout at Gas Works Park

Saturday morning, after a short nap of sleep, I went to Yoga Steve’s class on the football field. This was the morning that Seattle decided to show us that it does indeed rain there (we hadn’t seen it yet). As exhausted as I was, I knew if I missed this class, I’d be full of regret. An hour later I was rocking a 50lb soaking wet shirt and bits and pieces of the field turf all over my body- but my heart and mind were full. One segment of this yoga class this… I won’t get this verbatim because you can’t take notes in yoga other than mentally, but it was along the lines of this: You are here, your friends are here, we all showed up- for ourselves, for each other. There will not be another moment that we will all be together in this exact group, in this exact place, on this exact field, doing this exact thing, in this exact weather. Sort of a live in the moment and be present.

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Following Yoga, I was about to bag the morning, take a hot shower and dry off- but G from Toulouse was holding a strength class. Again, Didn’t want to think about missing this. I put a dry shirt on and head outside. Thankfully, G brought this in the parking garage cause you know, Weatherproof. Here, I expected a 30 minute ass kicking and not much else. I was wrong- sort of. We definitely got our asses kicked, but here is what I didn’t expect. G is a natural born leader. His class blended coaching tips and ass kicking so perfectly. I felt like I went to a therapy appointment where you work out. His strengths go beyond his athletic background, he really taught us how to tie in listening, bringing people together, and fitness. All very relevant as a co-leader. Yoga Steves class followed by this class- I had peaked.

Friday morning to afternoon we did some leadership led classes. We got some pointers on handing out the positivity award, tagging, workout form, and recruiting. Following this, we got on a bus and went to the beach to decompress. There, we relaxed, we talked about the trip, we swam, we scrummed, we crashed weddings, it was amazing. Closed out MOM with going back to the same brewery we started with and there I was able to have some really meaningful conversations. People genuinely wanted to get to know me. And now, I have no voice – because my story is a long one.

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Sunday, with what little energy I had left, I was able to see more of Seattle with #Stevemovesmountains , we met up with some other friends and toured around as well. Eventually, we said our goodbyes as we red-eyed our way home.

Right now, I am not sure what day or time it is, but this is my takeaway.

Image may contain: 14 people, including Jessica Louise Smith, Roderik Brasser, Elizabeth Harkins, Emma Cowan-Young, Lauren Corigliano, Joseph Morin and Ashley Cox, people smiling, people standing and shoes
Think, Breakfast Club.

My one word is: LISTEN

Imagine a world where you could walk in to a room of 120 people from all different parts of the world and of all very vastly different backgrounds and beliefs. Now… imagine in that space that you can approach ANY OF THEM and they will listen to you and be open to learn about you and from you. Without judgement.

Well, I don’t have to imagine it, because that’s exactly what my past 5 days in Seatte were. I was enveloped with goodness without seeking it out.

Holy shit, that was a good time.

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  1. I’m glad you’re here!!
    Thank you for sharing your experience.
    And yes, listening is such a wonderful presence to give to another.
    I’m glad you’re HERE!

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