Winding down or winding up?

So? Is everyone feeling a bit stronger in their legs after January’s leg challenge?

I too am noticing a bit more muscle. And, I might even keep some of those exercises in rotation… weekend 40:1s anyone?

At Sunday’s NP virtual social, we announced the two winners of January’s leg challenge: 1) winner for the highest number of reps and 2) winner for ultimate team spirit.

Congrats to MMkay– Maria, Meriam, and Kelly – for the highest rep count!

Congrats to Pierogi Power– Trudy, Jorgen, Christy- the bringing the ultimate team spirit!

Here’s the final team tally:

Aaaaannnnnd, our collective team total, including the 2 person Rob and Lazina team, is 277,341 total reps!

That’s what we did y’all. Together. That’s pretty bad ass.

Though we’re winding down the leg challenge, we are just getting started with February’s challenge.

An Above the Belt challenge!

Teams are off to the races as of this morning. Check our social feeds for more info. And, if you are feeling mah-jor FOMO and want to join, you’re always welcome. Sign up here. We’ll get you on a team.

If you don’t want to join a team, but still want to do that challenge, that’s also awesome. You’re more than welcome to join us at 6:35am on zoom for a morning hello + news.


  • If you won January’s challenge, reach out. We’ve got your NP Summit swag!

Don’t ya just miss doing this (sitting close and hugging)? Jen, we miss you!



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