Living Up to a Legacy (Ottawa)

Gooood morning, friends!

Thank you Winnipeg for a great workout this morning! People say that you can be whatever you want in life, so let this morning be a reminder that you can also be a bicycle. Or a flying Dutch-person for that matter. Dream big!

And a big thank you Dean for another fantastic playlist!

Now, truth be told, we initially had some trouble thinking of what to write for this week’s blog. Because, well, what could we possibly say to live up to Liz and Lauren’s legacy?

After careful thought and consideration (read: ice cream inspired procrastination), we realized that ‘living up to the legacy’ was never the goal (phew).

We are and will continue to be inspired by the two wonderful women who created and supported this exceptional community up to this point. We plan to keep moving forward with their vision, adding new and fun ideas as we go, while maintaining the meaningful traditions that stand the test of time…so, yeah… that means PR stair days!!

As our community makes this transition, we want to hear from YOU. Whether you’re a regular NP-er, a first-timer, or anything in between, we want to continue the open dialogue that has been started and know how we can help make this community as inclusive and welcoming and FUN as possible.

Lastly, it seems like there should be other, cooler words to say this, but a big THANK YOU to Lauren & Liz for making this all possible, for always greeting each member of the community with a warm smile, a welcoming hug, or an awkward-not-sure-where-to-aim Zoom high five. While we know better than to try and fill your shoes, we know we have some big soles to fill.

So, here’s to bringing ‘’soles’’ together,

Rebecca & Becca


1. Keep staying tuned for news about a February social, led by the SCWID. You know, the social collaborative welcoming inclusive diversity team.

2. Check out The Great Skate 6.0 – Hosted by November Project Winnipeg — The Dream Factory

3. Pet a dog.

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