Who Brought the Fog Machine?

It’s Wednesday PR day in Chicago, and the headliner #NP_Chi has a list of serious demands for the show.

1. Fog Machine that pumps out an unadulterated 100,000 cu.ft/minute.  Not one skyscraper is to be visible. For that matter neither are cars, the sun, or the lake.

2. Tons of speed. We’re talking Motley Crue levels of speed. Well maybe not that much, or even that kind, but you dont get #racingfit by having a mellow PR Day.

3.  Hypemasters Bonnie &  Crew throwing down an impromtu dance party at the top of our hill.

4. Uphill Sharks and Minnows with a sinkhole trap. Matty K. almost inadvertantly fell through to the November Project New Orleans workout. Thats how geography works right? F@&* it, we’re the talent, lets start the show…

Huge shoutout to the New Orleans and Boston Tribes for joining in the fun today (Mike & Anne Marie!) We met early to snap some crazy-beautiful mugshots in front of the Field Museum. I’m looking at them now and am weeping from how pretty our Tribe is. Yeah, thats weird, but whatever.  After what could have been miscontrued for a professional photo shoot, the Tribe laid down some seriously fast hill loops. PR’s were had by many, and a great fucking time by all. This Tribe is growing and getting fit. #The TribeIsStrong

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