What’s The Secret Sauce? (BOS)

BG and I get asked, “How do you two manage crowds of several hundred people [this morning we had about 700 between 5:30AM and 6:30AM groups] without going insane?” Well to answer that question, I’ll describe my activities from this morning that may reveal our “secret sauce”.

I rolled up to the stadium at 5:10AM. There I saw our friend Laura a.k.a. DJ Phoenix pulling out her music-playing-and-mixing-setup out of her car. We recruited few members to help us bring all her gear from the car to the top of section 19 where she set up her makeshift and very professional DJ booth. It only took a little sneaking, crawling, hundreds of feet of sketchy extension cables and my new skill of circuit-throwing to add power to our DJ’s setup… once I got down off the roof and returned to the tribe… yeah… We’re still 10 minutes from the bounce. Stay with me.

At 5:30AM, with few hundred of my closest friends, I raced 37 sections as fast as I could. Result, a PR. Boom. Go me.

After I caught my breath and got my legs back under me, I jogged from section 1 back to 37 to tag some early group Grassroots Gear shirts. There, I was accompanied by few injured members that, despite their injuries and inability to participate in the workout, decided to come out and help with the tagging process.

At 6:30AM I joined BG at the bottom of the section 37 where he started the bounce. The music was loud, the adrenalin was flowing, spirits were high, people were ready to crush some stairs. I started the first wave of racers at 6:35AM and continued with flights of 10-14 racers each 15-30 seconds for the next 15 minutes. Then I passed on the starting process to BG who was bringing in the newbies just in time to see the last group of “big kids” start their race. I jogged over to the top of section 1 (finish line) where some of the faster cats were just about to wrap up their PR run. I looked at the bleachers above the section 1 and the Paint Crew was plowing through the 5:30AM group’s pile of shirts. Seeing that they don’t need my help I got into the cheering mode hoping that loud noises and F-bombs will help people run faster up the last section.

Did it help? I don’t know, but as people were whispering their scores to the time keepers while trying to catch their breath, I was able to her few that said “That’s a PR”! That line always puts the smile on my face. I always love that.

At 7:30AM, after singing some odd form of Happy Birthday and taking the group photo (which was the only photo I took this morning as our boy Scott Yellow was doing few rounds with his camera), I was ready to leave the stadium. But not until I helped DJ Phoenix break down her station. I asked few of the dudes that look like they can lift few pounds if they can help with the process, to which they replied the only appropriate answer “Fuck Yeah”!

At 8:15AM, 3 hours after I got there, I was on my bike going home.

BG’s morning wasn’t that much different: Between LIVE-time social media, leading the bounce, running the newbie meeting, petting the dogs, kissing the babies, cracking the jokes, he was running around like a wild man. When we got on our bikes to ride away from the stadium we both agreed that this morning was epic!

But why was it epic? We didn’t do anything different from what we usually do. I made you read all the way down to the bottom of the page without revealing the secret sauce!? Well, if you were reading it carefully the secret sauce would kick you right in the face!

Remember DJ Phoenix? The Paint Crew (Big20, FoulBall & Team Stencil-Gloves)? The time keepers, Scott’s photos, all the people that helped out with moving things, and those who are always picking up trash? They ARE our secret sauce. Our secret sauce is Deniz, the Turkish Warrior of Peace & Kindness, who came today at 5:15AM to drop off his cooler of orange slices on the rocks, dashed out for a quick pool/pond workout, and came back at 6:30 to race his life away! Our secret sauce is the collection of people that help us with all of the little things that we would not be able to pull of on our own. Our secret sauce is the collection of leaders of the unstoppable 17 cities that are waking up at the crack of dawn three mornings a week and get paid in hugs and highfives. Our secret sauce is the two NP co-founder wives that provide unconditional love and support to everything that we do regardless of how silly it may appear. Usually people don’t reveal their secret sauce because they’re afraid that someone might steal it. We just gave you the sauce. Enjoy it, add to it, write about it, tag it, share it, whatever.

We had an amazing morning with more than a side of special sauce.

These are the times of the people that completed the full tour this morning.

Names Times Notes
Arnout 19:16
Galluzzo, Matt 20:12
Scott Gilroy 20:44
Karakoyunlu, Deniz 20:58
Langhorst 21:24:00
Hickson 21:35:00
McCann 22:39:00
Danny Bent 22:44
David Melly 22:47
Mitch Westwood 22:54
Rotz, Andrew 22:55
Evitt 23:00
Bojan 23:01:00
Silverberg, Greg 23:47
Foiles 23:54:00
Klawiter 23:57:00
Brown, Morgan 24:00
Tony 24:06
Addrienne 25:12:00
Manuel Gonzales 25:16
Maley, Kevin 25:22
Eric Aherm 25:30
Chalke 25:24:00
Wild 24:24:00
Goldie Graham 25:30
Mattison 25:33:00
Nelson 25:40:00
Connor Haydan 25:41
Adamietz, Tom 26:00
Stamas, Nick 26:20
Pearless 26:25:00
Ullman 26:31:00
Nick MaNeighbor 26:35:00
Sebasian 26:40
Fisher, Josie 26:48
Ofsevit, Ari 27:00
Ziulkowski, Aaron 27:36
Severo 27:43:00
Seraganinn 27:48:00
Hooch 28:00:00
Kearns 28:00:00
Husebye 28:03:00
Peterson, Kristen 28:07
Kris Cary 28:21
Celeste Swain 28:39
Rachel Nelson 28:39
Matt Foley 28:40
Green, Connor 29:00
Brad Werntz 29:04
Risk-Uspensky, Micah 29:08
Klane, Shira 29:15
Fabian, Bjorn 29:17
Thomas Timberlake 29:18
Crommentuijn, Thijs 29:22
Lodge 29:28:00
Klinker, Lauren 29:54
Jamison, Steve 29:56
Beebe 30:01:00
Lamb, John 30:05
Stinky 30:16
Fithian 30:37:00
Thai, Phuc 30:55
Messenger 30:43:00
Torrey 30:44:00
Rouse 30:54:00
Buckley 31:04:00
Meehan 31:10:00
Gay 31:23:00
Hires 31:23:00
Kelvin Ma 31:22
Randall 31:30:00
Mocarski 31:51:00
Aaron Daigle 31:30
Kornell, Benai 31:34
Renee Hagelberg 31:50
Goldberg, David 31:54
Corria 31:57:00
Depina, John 32:00
McGowan, Jim 32:44
Roby Bhattacharyya 32:44
O’Mara 32:19:00
Derivera 32:39:00
Deschenes-Desmond 32:51:00
Soare 32:52:00
Matt Ridley 33:00
Fritz 33:30:00
Ryan 33:30:00
Kelsey taylor 33:37
Kerr 33:41:00
Goldstein 33:42:00
Rahman, Saif 33:43
Scott Champagne 33:46
Goodman, Lauren 34:00
Kale 34:00:00
Breed 34:02:00
Holt 34:02:00
Petrillo 34:27:00
Woodward 34:31:00
Gianquitti 34:38:00
Fuller 34:40:00
Tom Ladeau 34:40
Sir, Aliza 34:49
Brigitte Granger 34:59
Steve Hallman 34:59
McKnight 35:00:00
Chris Payne 35:00
Vining, John 35:00
Komaiko, Ryan 35:04
Maquis 35:06:00
Cohen, Daniyel 35:08
Feinberg, Ryan 35:10
Crowe, Mike 35:19
Levitt, John 35:20
Pranav Ramkrishnan 35:20
DeSiato-Hallman, Danielle 35:28
Julia Shattin 35:29
Panepinto, Dana 35:30
Dianne Kaplan 35:35
Cain 35:36:00
Anskis 36:00:00
Becka Smith 36:00
Cox, Heather 36:05
Glynn, Caitlin 36:20
Amina 35:15
Kent 36:23:00
McDonough, Erin 36:28
Laura Batty 36:30
Letner, Dorothea 36:30
Mardigan 36:40:00
Peteraf, Sarah 36:50
Nicole Telleri 36:55
Mangan, Audrey 37:12
Jon Day 37:22
Meagan Gorman 37:28
Cole 37:33:00
Meier, John 37:34
Jay McCarthy 37:59
Pierce 38:00:00
Russelle 38:12:00
Scott, Chris 38:00
Daniel Oaks 38:12
Wright-Fitz 38:26:00
Dylan Ladds 38:32
Kelly McCue 38:50
Morse, Emma 38:50
Chow 38:53:00
Welby 38:57:00
Kealey 39:00:00
Kristen Fennell 39:00
Rodrigue, John 39:00
Kochalko 39:09:00
Molly Muzevich 39:38
Sundeeeeee 39:42:00
Michael Joyce 39:49
Cooper, Scott 39:50
Gulla 40:00:00
Kassala 40:00:00
Rizzoli-mathieu 40:00:00
Jenn Kelly 40:00
Rachel Speigle 40:00
Robertson, Michael 40:11
Barron, Kyle 40:26
Lara Wurster 40:33
Twfik 40:35:00
Martha Tierany 40:36
Waltz, Seth 40:39
Arnzen, Annie 40:40
Daly, Mary 40:40
Stephanie Dorsay 40:50
Ching 41:00:00
Fisher 41:00:00
Doan, 41:00
Hayley Brooks 41:00
Lauren Lefkowitz 41:00
RJ Keeney 41:00
Bachagalupo 41:05:00
Kelley, Kyle 41:27
Bashir, Shirea 41:30
Loy, Mackenzie 41:55
Sami Bloom 41:55
Levine 41:22:00
Cook 42:00:00
Sogoloff 42:00:00
Beatty, Meg 42:00
Kliatsko, Nick 42:00
Clark 42:04:00
Bufano, Meagan 42:10
Snow 42:20:00
Monteiro, Megan 42:44
Jessie Ledin 42:49
Hugh, Danny 42:51
Guillermo 42:55
Kelly 43:00:00
Skenderian, Tucker 43:00
Mike Bufano 43:03
Chory, Nick 43:30
Jimenez, Juan 43:30
Bourque 43:36:00
Carson, Nicholas 43:45
Brady, Anthea 43:50
Brown 43:50:00
Roger McCarthy 43:51
Hartwig 44:00:00
Green, Michael 44:00
Matthews, Allison 44:00
Gordon, Maggie 44:24
Chris Summers 44:26
Ken Gareau 44:27
Drewmowski 44:33
Chow 45:00:00
Lane 45:00:00
Walmsley 45:00:00
Safer, Jessica 45:00
Tenenbaum, Joel 45:00
Mona Miklosik 45:05
Dubach 45:17:00
Janiszewski 46:01:00
Emily Palmer 46:55
Berger 47:00:00
Scott Clark 47:09
Pittore, Emily 48:00
Schwartz 48:48:00
Emily Shell 50:00
Cohen 52:00:00
Coughlin 52:00:00
Walker 52:24:00
Deutsch 52:40:00
Andrea Gutierrez 53:00
Rosane 53:00:00
Correia 53:07:00
Navarez 54:00:00
Tim McGowan 55:00
Gutierrez 55:00:00
Lanzoni 56:00:00
Meg Lucas 60:00
Garza 60:00:00
Mokhtar 60:00:00
Tackeff 61:45:00
Fitzgeral 65:00:00
Oscar Corripio 80:00:00 RobotMan3
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