Supply vs. Demand (NYC)

Throughout the course of human history, the economic impact felt from those who have come before us is evident in our daily lives.  Striving each day to counter what the market is doing from the previous day, the battle continues on.  Time and time again we, through the fluctuating markets, supply and demand change daily, hourly, and sometimes every second.  Reviewing the last couple weeks of reports flooding in from Headquarters, a trend arose from the data– the supply of people attending has created a exponential increase in demand for #GrassrootsGear.  Today’s market showed this on an epic level.

When it came time for the workout, the supply of people, paint, stencils, and the most important factor time, were against us.  The rush to meet the needs of this new market have been met.  The members of the #GrassrootsGear committee fought through countless hours of data, scenarios, meeting with the Economic Council on Tagging, all of this came down to one day and the execution.  Today, the tribe came together to execute a plan to perfection.  The surplus of paint would rival the surplus left when Clinton left office.  Some of the shirts may have been left wanting, but through this we have created a demand for more paint, more #GrassrootsGear days, and more workouts.  The Tribe is Strong.  The Tribe is COMMUNITY.

Props to Economic Council on Tagging that made this happen. Council Members Beaney, Pete, Chris, T-Money, Jason, and the rest.

FRIDAY: 35th and 1st ave.  Try not to bring a bag if you can.  Pack light, pack what you need.

NEXT WEDNESDAY: PR day at the Flagpole.  #RaceEverything

Oh, and Happy Half Christmas.


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