When In Doubt, Run Indiana Jones Style (BOS)

I woke up this morning and I just didn’t want to run. I wanted to stay in bed, cuddle with my wife, sleep until noon… Fuck, things were so bad that if someone asked me to chose between running and removing my toenails with a set of pliers I would spend some time considering both options. Luckily my friend Petar, who’s in town for the rowing race called Head of the Charles, was up at 5:00AM ready to run some hills.

So I dropped my second douce of the day, wolfed down a banana, strapped on my running shoes and set out towards the Summit ave. On our jog over, Petar admitted that he was cursing me out as his alarm clock went off but he didn’t want to stay in bed knowing that the wrath of “We Missed You” page would be set upon him. We were in the same boat…

At 5:40AM we were the only people in Corey park. Our pace up and down the first full hill was slow to moderate as our bodies were still pissed off that for some odd reason they were moving instead of resting in the horizontal position. Petar wasn’t planing on doing much work as he wanted to have fresh legs for his race tomorrow but on the second loop our pace picked up.

As former teammates and friendly competitors for life, we were running in a complete silence listening to each other’s footsteps and judging how much of pain we were in based on each other’s breathing rhythm. We were not going to let the other guy get the satisfaction of crossing the imaginary line by the fire hydrant first, so the pace picked up again. As we were passing sprinklers that were watering neighborhood sidewalks instead of lawns, the cold water sprayed our legs giving us additional boost. At this point we were at a race pace. As we approached the top of the second loop, Petar smartly peeled away into the park for some pushups and stretching knowing that this workout can turn into something much more intense. After all he DOES have that very important race tomorrow…

But I kept pushing. For two more full laps I imagined Petar just a half step behind me, not letting me get comfortable, not letting me ease off at any point of the run. And I had a great workout! I banged out four full hills at a very strong pace, I was awake, happy, and glad that all my toe nails were still accounted for.

When I saw BG at 6:25AM, I told him that no matter what we do, we are gonna do it Indiana Jones style. We will divide people based on their fitness levels, and have them push each other. Was it hard? Did people get a kickass workout while meeting new friends? Let the pictures tell the story.



This morning was great and we hope to keep the strong vibe through the weekend and into the next Monday when we will meet on the lawn outside of One Marina Park Drive in Seaport.

The fall edition of November Project Year Book Photos is going down on November 5. Recruit your ass off and let’s break the previous record of 719 photos by going for 800!


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