Wet n’ wild [MTL]


  • First day for many of our SLPeeps
  • Spring/summer = the start of #traverbal town
  • Rain can’t stop us, wall sits might
  • Good luck to all those running Scotiabank this weekend!

Since 1 out of 2 of the leaders is studying to be a Speech-Language Pathologist (who apparently talks about NP incessantly at school), about 1 in every 4 members is an S-LP student. Today was a big deal (for my own selfish reasons): My pal Laura, who I have sat next to in class for two whole years worth of Wednesday morning NP recaps, FINALLY agreed to come to a workout! Today, though classes are over, I sit next to Laura again, this time in a beautiful cafe, writing this blog post. Laura told me that she almost fell down while standing up to get out of bed this morning, and then again when standing up to get off the bus. It was a few moments into her tale that she pointed out that I was beaming, literally beaming, at her. Why, you may ask? Well first of all, this was hilarious confirmation that if you badger someone for long enough they will come to NP. Secondly, this was my pride and excitement, knowing that I shared something that I love so so much with some of the best people in my life. Thirdly, I’m always proud to have built that burn.

Here’s Laura, resistantly demo-ing like a kween.

Other people that you can spot in this photo would be our three #traverbal pals hailing from much warmer climates. Although they were extremely underdressed, the warmth of Korrin, Tim, and Alvin was felt. The three met Tuesday at a conference and promptly made plans to meet up at 6:29am in a new city, with 1 of them having never attended an NP. That is badass commitment. It is also an introduction into one of my favourite times of the NP year, where Montreal, as a major tourist city, sees buckets and buckets of traverbal-lers hailing from all across the continent! Come play with us! We have hugs and tags ready for you!

We also saw the comeback of Pierre, Chelsea, Chloe, Peter, and Paula, as well as another new face, the wonderfully positive and keen Sara (who apparently I also broke, oooops)! …But also, if you refer back up to that story I was telling about how big I smiled hearing about Laura’s sore legs, I ain’t sorry at all. (exhibits A, B, and C below)


All in all, rain or shine, you people are phenomenal.

Guys, what a damn good morning!

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