The last few months have been crazy. Crazy good. From cold mornings to Scavenger Hunts to Olympics and March Madness and Plank-a-palooza. 2018 has been off to a GREAT start. We’re here to tell you it’s NOT OVER.

In no particular order, here’s the good that’s coming your way:

The Great Trash & Recycle Race! Saturday May 12th, 3:30PM

Four score and seven days ago, Jake came across an article all about this thing called plogging. Some environmentally friendly folks in Sweden cooked up this idea: sift some running, scoop some trash, mix thoroughly. Immediately, we decided we wanted to do a plogging event but waited until it was warmer (you’re welcome). Other groups may have already done this but ours is FREE, more FUN, and there are PRIZES and free giveaways. In essence, our #FreeFitness actually PAYS you to #JustShowUp. In three weeks we’ll take to the streets, clean up, win prizes for cleaning up, and have fun the entire time. Saturday afternoon events are perfect to invite all your friends that complain about morning workouts. You won’t want to miss this. All the details are in this FB event!

GW Parkway 10 miler: Sunday April 22nd

This upcoming weekend is another classic DC race. There are two things happening besides those that are running. Both will be awesome. Both should be attended.

  1. Water/cheer station
  2. Brunch/cheer station

#ECSDC Takeover: Saturday April 28th

For the past few years we’ve taken over the #ECSDC race put on by The North Face. They organize a race and give a discount, we take it over and have a TON of fun. What better way to spend your Saturday than hanging out with tribe members, getting some sunshine, racing it out, and cheersing to a good time? Still need a team? There’s a spreadsheet for that. Need more info? There’s a FB event for that. Need more fitness and friends? There’s a November Project for that.

Southeast DC #FreeFitness Fridays

This morning’s workout was at Anacostia Rec center and it was GLORIOUS. S/O to DC Dept. of Parks and Rec for helping us bring #FreeFitness to as many people as we can! On that note, we’ll be at Anacostia Rec center on the 3rd Friday of May and June as well! So set your reminder now for May 18th and June 15th. Also, maybe even check out the NPDC calendar.


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