Fitness and Lots of Hands

If you were at the workout this morning, you heard a better version of the brief blog I’m about to write.  And for all those who not only missed the full-body Rocks, Paper, Scissors hills/stairs workout this morning, but also missed the birthday crowd surfing and the EmSauce speech at the group photo, it’s your lucky Friday.  Because here’s the blog version:

NP has always been about fitness.  We get a lot of that in our Destination Deck workouts, up and down the stairs at Harvard, and on those killer hills on Summit Ave.  We fitness hard.  And NP has always been about keeping things a little interesting, entertaining, and sometimes weird in how we dress, what we do, and the little extras in a workout.  Like birthdays.  Most folks in the world don’t get crowd surfed at the office on their birthdays.  Most 8yo birthday parties don’t even throw their friends up in the air and pass them around the Chucky Cheese overhead.  But we do.  And this morning was a perfect example of how we show up, hug it out, throw some RPS, crush some hills, hug it out some more, crowd surf both dudes with birthdays today, snap a pic and then disperse (after lingering sufficiently) to “have a great day!”

From my perspective at the front of the tribe this morning, I instructed the tribe about getting Logan and Harry up to surf, and then watched something amazing.  It occurred to me that crowd surfing is a perfect metaphor for this community.  It’s a wonder that we can pick someone up and safely pass them along, but when we stand close together, pay attention, lend our hands to help move someone forward, and join in the movement, it happens.  We lift each other up.  We help out, sometimes in really visible and “front & center” kinds of ways, like when you’re right underneath the person, and other times in ways that absolutely contribute but don’t ever touch that person.  Because we all know how this community becomes a force that moves us forward, at times when we need the push, the lift, the “hands-on” support, and also at times when maybe no one knows what is going on inside us, but being a part of this something bigger than us gives us what we need.  It takes the whole community, all the fitness and a lot of hands, and we find a way to surf the waves.

Take a moment to pause and appreciate the tribe, the movement, and whatever it offers you.  Fitness, friendship, community, connection, accountability, motivation, W H A T E V E R it is, notice it and just appreciate it today.  Post about it or acknowledge someone who adds to your crowd that helps you surf…or don’t, that’s not the point, but let this be a reminder of the value of reflecting on the good shit going on, because yes, this shit is good.

Keep changing the world, friends.


MONDAY DESTINATION DECK is at Riverside Press Park in Cambridgeport, right next to the Charles River on the Memorial Drive side. (Across from the Whole Foods on River St.)  Google map of the location is here.  Location in the NP tracker here.

The North Face Endurance Challenge Series races are open for registration–There are a whole bunch of awesome races that give us a chance to get off the roads, on the trails, and on teams with other badass humans to form Marathon Relay teams, or try your hand at other distances too.  READ ALL THE INFO including discount codes for 20% off registration in this blog.  Just a teaser for the upcoming Bear Mountain race (ESCNY) on May 5-6th: BG will be racing, Capozzi thinks he’s gonna run the marathon with BG, and EmSauce will definitely be running one of the events.  If you like any of those humans, show up and join us.

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