#WeekofLeak: Part 1 (NYC)

Today started a new era in November Project NYC history.  It started……Ok, so today was not really that important.  It did start the #WeekofLeak.  What does that mean? That means John is out in South Carolina for the next 5 days soaking up sun rays, eating seafood from the ocean… or sitting in JFK airport eating Shake Shack for the next 72 hours.  I will leave it up to you all to decide which he is really doing.  But enough about John and his double cheesburger, double order of fries, choclate milkshake, and then the check out lady threw in two apple pies just because.  TWO APPLE PIES??? She could loose her job over something like that.  Again, i digress.  So the workout today was simple.  In honor of the #WeekofLeak, we ran in an “L” shape of our famous grotto and Mayor’s Hill.  L. L shape. L like the shape of the fries that John was eating this morning while we were all working out.  L like the love for those fries that most people have for them.  L for the line that is out the door on the first 80+ degree day of the year to get a delicious milkshake.  L for the liver that you need from pounding beers on St Padd’ys day last night.


Coopers.  Brought back those amazing burpee-ish routines that we love called Coopers.  Remember those?  Cooper, we await your return to us to a) teach us the proper technique, and b) to show Brian Hsia how to do them properly.  We await your return Cooper, just like we are waiting for John to get back.  Seriously, how long has it been since he left? What? Its only been 4 hours. How much longer do I have to do this without him? Can someone get me a giant pillow, some crazy socks, some #Grassrootsgear, Katie Shea’s furry parka coat from Alaska, so we can make a temporary Coach for Friday? Like I kept looking to my right today before the group picture imagining he was there.  But there was nothing.  Except two dogs going at it in the dog park next to us.

Friday: Sarah D. Roosevelt Park (Chrystie & Houston- next to the Whole Foods on Houston St.)


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