We Missed You…ALMOST



It was going to be EPIC.  Our first WE MISSED YOU post for November Project NOLA was going to be for one of its leaders, while #SteveNews was in town performing his audit.  This. Was. Too. Perfect… Almost.


Preston, and the rest of the NPNO leadership brain trust decided to test the theory that age is relative.  You remember when you were 22 years old right?  Heading to a happy hour right after work on a Tuesday and staying out to the wee hours of the night.  Only to wake up the next morning, skip off to work full of energy and do it all over again. So what changes after 10 years?

Answer: A LOT!

When one of the founders of the November Project movement shows up in your city, you have to go out and celebrate.  And celebrate we did.  Afternoon beers, lead to dinner, which lead to after dinner drinks, which somehow lead to shots of fireball.  Pretty much a standard Tuesday night right (sarcasm)?  Anyhow, when 5:45 rolled around this morning and folks were getting ready for a great workout, Preston was nowhere to be found.  Maybe his car broke down, maybe he had been abducted by aliens, or maybe…just maybe that fireball shot was too much.  Needless to say, this blog post was already writing itself.


Alas (and truthfully to our general relief), Preston did show up on time (5:58 am to be exact), and lead a great workout.  The tribe bounced, the tribe yelled, the tribe sweated, and the tribe hugged.  A close call, but our first We Missed You will have to wait.

Big shout out to our positivity award winner: Paige.  Paige, according to Gary (and with no apparent dissenting opinions) has the best smile in New Orleans.  Everywhere she goes she is smiling and it is infectious, including at 6am on the Champion Square steps.  Paige, we thank you for #justshowingup and dispelling the myth that Preston was the prettiest NPNO tribe member from Alabama #pheww.


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