We be gambling…..


We ran….then the games began. We rolled the dice to gamble away at how many of each exercise we were about to dominate. All I can say is wow, yep, this crew was beyond fierce this morning, they were ready for anything, and even after some possible green beer consumption, they crushed another Wednesday workout.

I may have heard some Spanish…whether it was good or bad words, haven’t figured that out yet, but doing my googling now, Santiago, one of our newer members has really stepped up and shown up. He told me about ‘back day’ yesterday and while laying down excuses, he set it all aside after his 3rd burpee, then pulled out his 4L jug of water and guzzled it back, but was so kind to offer top ups to everyone. (think he had enough to spare)

We wanna throw out a welcome to another new face as well, and we will see more of her, Amy, she is a fierce tri-athlete, Lulu Lemon Ambassador, who thought it would be smart to up her quality of life and move to a city of happy, athletic and fun people, not to mention gorgeous mountains just minutes away. Looking forward to more of her showing up and getting involved in this community!

Now, this amazing dude, has really been part of this from the beginning, he’s not only the tallest dude we’ve had show up (Besides BG), he has rhythm, yep he can dougie! Today he showed us some Russian twists added to burpee’s (you’ll have to ask him yourself), today Mark received the positivity award, I was happy to give to him!! He’s been there for the crew and for me during our pledging, and really stepped up with his artsy side and helped create the logo (unveiling coming soon). He is November Project Calgary.

I am thinking pop up may need to happen Friday….What do you think?

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