#DrunkenShamrock (SD)

Ok. So I have this small obsession with Strava and Strava art. I’ll say this, we are really good at creating Strava Art that looks like dragonflies, or inner workings of female anatomy. But not so good at shamrocks.

Go home shamrock, you’re drunk.

Either way, the #drunkenshamrock was tough! But you all gutted it out, raced hard, and seemed to have an okay time doing it.

Not only that, but we witnessed an impressive display of dance moves to Uptown Funk thanks to Miss Sarah, gave Tina one hell of a birthday “boom”, and then passed that coveted Positivity Award off to this guy, who definitely deserves it.


You all really are an amazing bunch of humans and you make me complete.

So go out into this world and continue to spread the love.

Be happy, be strong, be bright.


Boring, yet Important:

– Recruiting Papers 3.0 – Thursday 4/2, 7:30PM, Barrel Republic.

– Tatum Channing is next Wednesday. #raceeverything. 

– FYI – Something special is going down at lululemon La Jolla this Saturday starting at 9AM. Let’s just say they love us. Hit me up for more details!

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One Reply to “#DrunkenShamrock (SD)”

  1. When you stand in the shadows of Elite athletes especially runners your only choices in life are to 1) run harder and 2) get faster. Months ago I overheard a buzz of commotion running through my fellow Team RWB teammates and I immediately had to check it out for myself. I mean seriously… why would people keep coming back week after week for the San Diego Convention Center Stairs run? I woke up early my first Wednesday morning and plugged the address into my GPS and saw that it was 30 Flippin miles one way for an early AM workout. Hell no I wasnt gonna drive that distance!!! After a couple seconds I remembered my first #verbal with my RWB Team. How could I not show up after already committing with a bunch of fellow Veteran’s? (Little did I know about the infamous #verbal lol) I sucked it up and went to give it a shot and honestly I’ve never been happier as an athlete. I was running hard again and I found my family of brightly dressed and bearded weirdos!! The collaboration between Team RWB and November Project honestly changed my life for the better. I’ve never been faster, I’ve never had as many crazy ass friends whom now are family, and I’ve never been held accountable this much in my life before. On 1-1-15 I set some physical goals that still scare me to this day, however with the love and support I have from the tribe pushing me to stay hungry and challenge my mind, body, and spirit each day, I could never give up. #fuckyea 

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