Weekend earrrrrrrned (YEG)

We say it a lot and sometimes it’s not actually true because we sort of slid into the weekend like a child trying to avoid the broccoli and brussels sprouts by melting into the chair and under the table.  But not today.  We sat up like hungry children who love their green veggies and we earned our weekend like champs.

Let’s not forget all the pain and puking from the intervals at the Stadium on Wednesday.  My hip flexors still don’t remember what it means to be fully extended, and the calves have not forgotten.  But we all showed the fuck up in our our fast shoes and our special racing pants and the singlets that show off our runners’ bodies.  And we THREW DOWN on the hills.

Our fuckers are fast.  Our fuckers are fierce.  Our fuckers are fighters.  So proud of this Tribe.  We all take part in everyone getting faster, going farther, and being fitter human beings.  As one tribe member who ran with us this morning and completed her first 3 full hills in one workout said, “If I was by myself I might have done one hill and then just stopped.”  Yup, this #community thing is doing something important.

Be proud as shit of what you did today.  We sure are.




announcements to announce

Monday: We’ll be at City Hall. There’s a good chance you’ll be in the middle of the pool at some point. Prepare yourselves appropriately. Did someone say Leprechaun treasure?

Wednesday: We will likely be doing the Old 96’er. We’ll confirm this closer to Wednesday. If you want to give it a shot, be at the stadium for 5:30am so you have enough time. We’ll still have our regular workout going at 6am too this Old 96er thing isn’t your jam.

July 14-16: NP Summit – The largest November Project event of the year will be in Blue Mountain, ON where all 29 tribes will gather. Find out more info here or talk to one of us at the next workout.

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