Adaptation, Extinction and Evolution

There were never any dinosaurs in California. All these years (2) I thought that the ground on which I trod, the paths on which I ran, the waves on which I surfed were all the same paths that Dinosaurs took jogs on, the same waves that once were the scene of some righteous dino-shreds. But no, never. This whole place was the floor of a prehistoric ocean. Boring.


In fact, there were only mammals who lived here in the Golden State and many of them dwelt here in LA. It seems that even before recorded history, dreams died here at an alarming rate.

Enter November Project, evolutions paramount. The pinnacle of human capability: creating community, increasing wellbeing, acting like absolute savages. We are the poster-children for “Ok! Bring it on!” The adaptability of this group is always surprising to me, especially considering our numbers. We thought we’d be partying under some pretty heady, artsy-fartsy stuff, the cusp of human possibility in a way, but instead, we adapted, co-existed and conquered a park dedicated to remembering how stupid and able to die we really are (getting stuck in tar? Really? Did any of you have the urge to walk through that shit?)


But we have all come here to change and to evolve not just as physical specimens or sportsmen or runners but as the people and the society we want to be. Who says we can’t have fun and act like freaks? Who says we can’t sweat our balls off and then hug a dry-shirted person and make them squirm but only with love? You want to know who?



Yes, you’re the only thing in your life that is in your way and we come together on a playing field of accountability to add health to our existence in every way we can. You all come out BECAUSE YOU WANT TO. There’s literally nothing any of us can do to “make” you come (other than when Kevin kidnapped that litte boy in Target and brought him to the next morning’s workout). You bring yourselves here because you’re interested in not staying the same, you’re interested in taking things to a new level and in becoming the best damn mammal you can become so our species doesn’t die out. Keep it up because it’s the kind of thing that’s putting us on a trajectory to greatness, even those who’ve never been.


Do great LA and don’t walk into any dark puddles.



ALL WOMEN WORKOUT: SPECIAL BLOG – keep an eye out to this blog because Tara is going to drop knowledge on you like a badass, powerful woman.

SUMMIT: July 16th and 17th (and probably a few days on either side) There is still time to get on board and get into a house for summit. Keep your eyes peeled to the #BB and if you need, poach people and plan a trip together. It may just change your life, it did mine.

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