Tricks AND treats [MTL]

Today was an excellent day to be a kid again, embrace adult recess, appreciate our bodies, and strengthen our community… all before 8 a.m.! What a thrill! For Halloween, the tribe showed up in costume this morning and it got me introspecting into all we get from CHOOSING to be a part of November Project.

Some of us play tricks on ourselves to get there:

We set multiple alarms.

We go to sleep in our workout clothes.

We set up the coffee maker the night before.

We #verbal with a friend or to the whole tribe.

…but we get there. We show up.

The treatsare:

The sincerest smiles of recognition.

The hugs and/or highfives of welcome.

The “bon matins” and the “so happy you cames”.

The satisfaction that you #justshowedup.

…and just that is enough to belong here.

We know there were other tricks trying to get in your way! 

There was a warm bed you didn’t want to leave.

There was an extra hour of sleep you could have had.

The weather looked kinda sketchy.

Don’t get us started about traffic.

We get it. We’re sympathetic, and we’re still here for you.

‘Cause we got other treats in store for you, friend!

We’ve got hoisties and partner Pushups!

We’ve got encouragement for you no matter your fitness level!

We’ve got new friends that are just as crazy as you are!

We’ve got sunrises for your Instagram feed!

…and none of it will ever cost you a cent. #FreeFitness

So thank you to all our friends who showed up today to take on our “Trick AND treat” workout. You proved that you can have both, and do great things! Thank you for being #WeatherProof and embracing the changing seasons of our city with new and inventive layering techniques. Thank you for spreading this movement and inviting your friends! We’re excited to grow and evolve welcoming new members 100% of the time. Anyone can come. This all being said, our tribe is in to tackle the tricks, keep the treats and do it all over again next week.

Every Wednesday.      6:29 a.m.      Place Jaques-Cartier.    #justshowup

Happy Halloween from NP Montréal!

– LC

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