Six of the world’s largest pumpkins (Ottawa)

“Today is the best day of the year!” this is a quote from a ten year old who has no idea what November Project is YET.  They do have an idea about Halloween and what this day means to them. Some but not all children dress up in various costumes and outfits for the day and then gorge themselves on a pillowcase full of candy before heading to bed at 9pm #balance.  So for that young ten year old, your fellow co-worker or parent that has yet to be introduced to the November Project culture here is a recap of this morning in the most briefest but best-well explained way possible to make everyone jealous of what you did before 7am.  

Lauren drove up and dropped off six of the world’s LARGEST pumpkins.  Then we thought of the toughest way for everyone to earn 1 piece of candy #treatyoself.  Our genius minds brought us to decide that never letting a pumpkin touch the ground would hold everyone accountable to hustlin and challenging themselves throughout the workout. We believe that the consequence of even considering dropping a pumpkin was enough to scare you all.  Along with the 500m of lunges that had to be completed in between every second corner people moved surprisingly well for dressing up as creatures, animals, Amazon, police officers, scary things, cute things and each other. #sorrynotsorry you slept in cause it was a BOOtiful morning full of headlamps, weird costumes, some puddles and some candy. Did we mention we went for coffee and bagels in our costumes after, cause we did! There is nothing more fun than meeting new people for the first time dressed up in the weirdest costumes you can imagine.  

And in case you have any visitors at your door this evening asking for candy you can top up their pillowcase with some punny comments like;

You are unBOOlievable

I can’t make any skeleton jokes because you won’t find them very humerus.  

Let’s get this trick or treat party startlin’

So thank you for sharing your morning with us, your energy and your positive vibes we cannot say enough how much we love it, WE LOVE IT!

Here’s to bringing “souls” together,

Lauren and Liz


  1. We are rock climbing tomorrow night at Altitude Gym

come hang with us $20 to boulder and rent shoes, if you join us past 8:30pm it’s half off.

  1. Next week we are at Parliament Hill tell all those friends who never could make it to TD Place where were going 6:29am #justshowup

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