Tribe Member Spotlight (ATL) – Benjamin Nantasai

Benjamin Nantasai

Hometown: Chiang Mai – Thailand
(My family moved to Seattle, WA area when I was a late teen and I went to college in a small town called Pullman across the state at Washington State University (WSU). Right after grad school, I got a unique job position in the concrete design space with company in ATL, so they moved me to the Hotlanta right around the middle for 2016. And because I grew up in Thailand, I secretly love the heat and humidity 😅!

ATL Neighborhood: Midtown

Day Job: I’m a Civil Engineer specializing in concrete materials and structural design of concrete pavements.

Hobbies: I enjoy doing active activities like running, rock climbing, camping, biking, motorcycle riding, exploring new hiking trials, and because ATL is such a cool city with tons of free fitness classes/workout groups, I have definitely been taken advantage of those! I also like sports, music, food, and beer! So, I always make time to support my sports’ teams, hit up some concerts, try out new food at different restaurants, breweries hopping from time-to-time. Lately, I have added playing bingo on Sunday night at the American legion to my list, thanks to our friend, Liz from our very own NP-ATL for hooking me up!

Biggest turning point in my life: Moving to the US and starting fresh. It has been one hell of experience learning the new culture and foreign language. But nothing beats hanging out and goofing around with my November Project ATL family because everyone is super active and down to earth and we enjoy similar activities life style. We are a group of people that are down for whatever and whatever we ended up doing has always been a blast. I really love hanging out with this great group of supportive people even though we give each other shit from time-to-time, but hey, that’s what make us family!

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