We want you…

…to #justshowup and help us! Bring scrub brush and bucket…READ ON!

OMG it’s a November Project Malaysia blog! For those of you who missed the blog, here is the latest edition. We have not been posting these as regularly as we had because quite frankly, we really didn’t have anything great to share or big announcements to make…until now.

Some hip-ups which ended up more like some use your pants to clean the deck…well no more! when we are done, you’d be able to eat off this floor *try at own risk* Actually wouldn’t recommend it.

As many of you know, we are big into our community and giving back, here at November Project after all this is kind of what kick started November Project Malaysia. 2017 was a good year as we were official granted November Project tribe status, we were able to build out free fitness community as well as give back to our city (the bigger community). #NPGiveback in September 2017 consisted of PCAM Charity run and also Donation to Zero Strays in our Dog walk workout.

Our bounce before the PCAM Charity Run for Love 2018 #weatherproof
Some of the tribe getting in early and preparing to race …#grassrootsgear Photo credit to PCAM Facebook page.
Dog Walk Workout, raising funds for Zero Strays

This year, we are looking to start earlier and hopefully be able to have more workouts/events that involves giving back and building our community. Our first giveback workout will be on January 26th and it involves some cleaning. We challenge you to invite your family and friends to join us, it would be a good time to show them how November Project incorporate workouts and fun times.

Our Friday morning workout location; Bulatan Park is huge and it would be nice to keep this place clean for us and as well as others whom we share this park with. As we use the deck quite often, we proposed to the tribe to have a deck scrubbing workout so our clothes aren’t dirt brown after some burpees and situps. So far this has been met with positive response as we have already had over 20 #verbals from the tribe. I am sure the list will grow as we approach the date and we look forward to more support from the tribe and the public on this and future #NPGiveback events while we continue to grow this #freefitness, #adultrecess, #connectinghumans #freehugging community.

If you opted to snooze this morning or stayed in because of the rain, you miss this lady’s bday!! Happy Bday Audrey!

Other News…

  • Buff update – there is no update
  • Miri Marathon 2018 – unfortunately, our group registration for special rate have closed but you can still register individually or as a group for discount and join the tribe on race day. Deadline is January 30th, 2018. Link to register is here.
  • Haven’t read the latest article about us that is generating some national awareness about November Project Malaysia, here is the link to Rojak Daily’s article.

Leave this world a little better than you found it – Baden Powell

That is all for now! Have a kick ass weekend! Be grateful and spread the love…brighten a stranger’s day!

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