How We’ll Change the World #ActifyGR (GR)

At its core, November Project GR is about spreading fitness, and promoting real life connection and interaction, by emphasizing positivity and accountability. We are #weatherproof. We #raceeverything. We #justshowup. We began as Carpe Diem GR to make our days count. We continue to build upon that as November Project GR by encouraging greater involvement with our city and communities.

As we (Yoshi and Matt) drank cheap beers and brainstormed our vision for 2018, we found an overarching theme that we’ve dubbed #ActifyGR. We bridged together the words “active” and “unify” to symbolize how we believe NPGR can take action to be a part of a better Grand Rapids.

We normally associate “being active” with being in motion and taking action (which are both important to our group). But beyond that, “being active in the world around us” also means “being present”. We are present in our relationships with each other and the community by sharing time and space together. NPGR focuses on breaking down the barriers that we create for ourselves, that prevent us from being present in our interactions with each other, by being active in the NP way (also known as hard/unique workouts and sweaty hugs/high-fives).

To unify is to bring together with the purpose of creating something bigger and more powerful. In the modern world, we largely live our lives in bubbles. We have bubbles for family, friends, and work. We don’t always have reason or opportunity to interact with others outside of those bubbles. NPGR pops those bubbles open by giving everybody the ability to participate equally. No specialized gear requirements, scalable workouts, and a transcending weirdness that puts everybody on the level.We have the opportunity to interact with those in our community (and the larger community through November Project as a whole) who come from completely different backgrounds. Whether you are a GR native/transplant, from the north/south/east/west-side, from a different religious background, from a different culture, (and on and on), we all sweat together and have a safe place to meet others and be ourselves.

Thanks to all of you who show up and share yourselves, we can learn about each other and ultimately be a little more understanding, loving, true to ourselves, and compassionate. In the process of #Actify(ing)GR, we look forward to learning more about our city, about each other, and ourselves. We hope that through these Wednesday morning interactions, we can spread positivity into our jobs, families, and friends. Feeling safe, being a part of something, and being healthy through movement is a powerful tool that we can all spread to make GR an even better place.

Over the next week, we hope you’ll reflect on how YOU can help #ActifyGR as an individual, as a member of this kickass tribe, and as a citizen of the community. Each of us on our own cannot change the world. Together, we can.  


Jan 15 6:01 AM // MLK Day Winter Games // East side of the Blue Bridge

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