An Almost Rainy Day

There is nothing quite like Arizona Rain.

I don’t know what it is exactly, but I am sure it has something to do with how infrequently we get it. It’s the only place that I know about that has a official rain vibe and scent which I just love about us.

In Arizona it is perfectly acceptable to cancel ALL of your plans when it rains and just cuddle up at home. Rainy day is basically synonymous with lazy day and nobody expects anyone to pull their butts off the couch and get out there because these days come so infrequently and should be spent accordingly.

Which is why it was so impressive that so many of you showed up to the workout this morning! You could have taken the free pass handed to all Arizonans on rainy days, but you didn’t. Well, okay… a lot of you did; however, to those of you who did show up this morning when we wouldn’t have questioned your otherwise – Kudos to you!

So to reward you, we let you suck in that sweet smell of Arizona rain when you were trying to catch your breath as you raced one another to get today’s workout done. (Go team Wyatt!) Then we topped it off with the classic Arizona rainy day activity: Heads Up, Seven Up!

Growing up in Arizona we weren’t allowed to go outside during recess if it is raining (or at least in my day). I am not sure if it was because they didn’t want us to track water into the classrooms, if Arizona kids didn’t have proper rain jackets , or if they legit thought the world was ending. You can ask just about anyone who grew up here what they did at school on raining days and they will all share stories about Heads Up, Seven Up.

So thank you for appeasing my inner child and throwing it back for Heads Up, Seven Up. Even if it didn’t really even rain at all during our workout today.


Monday is at 56th Street and Camelback. 6AM. Two mild warm up leaves at 5:30 from the Church on 56th Street just south of Camelback.

Warm up miles for Wednesday leave the West Buttes Parking Lot at 5:25 AM starting next week.

Good luck to everyone who is running this weekend at Rock and Roll. Join us to cheer everyone on if you aren’t running. Check out Cactus Lounge (our social page on Facebook)  or message us for details.

Peace, love and cacti,


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