The – 30 Badge (YEG)

When we started NP in Edmonton a common question we were asked was, “What are you going to do when it’s winter?” The answer was a simple – “We’ll work out.” Often we’d get looks of disbelief and skepticismand there may have been some eye-rolling in there too. But we said it with confidence and authority and while we may never have admitted it to one another I am sure Andrew, Nadim and I will all agree that we were a little worried about what would happen to the tribe numbers when the temperatures dipped below 20 and 30 degrees.

I’d never been an outdoor winter runner. Nadim, not really even a runner when NP started. Andrew, he was busy playing hockey indoors, with the exception of one outdoor game in Boston. A winter of free outdoor fitness with NP was not only a new endeavour for the city but for the leaders as well. Frosty lashes, snotsicles, layers upon layers of clothing…what were people getting into? Our first ever sub -30 workout was December 3, 2013 – (read about it here). 37 people showed up in -37 degree weather. From that point forward


we knew that there wasn’t anything that mother nature could throw our way that we couldn’t handle.

We also knew that there is something uniquely special (aka badass) about people who choose to #justshowup early in the morning when there are cold weather warnings that deserved some recognition. And thus, the birth of the -30 Badge. The much-coveted badge was inspired by the Canadian Fitness Test badges. (If you were in school between 1970 and 1992 you likely earned one or more of these badges.)



While we went one winter without a single -30 day and as legend has it, I once denied a 4-year-old a badge because it was only -29, we have had our share of frigid winter mornings. I am sure that each one of you can tell a story about the day you earned your badge. And tell it proudly. It is a badge of honour. You earned that sucker! I love seeing badges sewn to touques, headbands, jackets, etc. I love the excitement and cheers that come with the announcement that we’ve hit badge earning temperatures. I love it when both longtime tribe members finally earn their badge and just as much, love it when a first timer gets a badge. Seriously…who shows up on their first time on a -30 day?? Amazing!


Today was another of those days. -33 with the windchill but it didn’t stop any of you. You ran those stairs, did your burpees, and hugged it out as though it were any other day. It’s almost like we’re getting used to this. I guess it makes sense as there have been 5 badge worth days since December 25. I think we’re all ok to take a reprieve but I am confident that the tribe will roll with whatever is blown our way! Thank you for proving all the skeptics wrong! The tribe is STRONG and WEATHERPROOF!

#justshowup 6 AM

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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