Tribe Member Spotlight- Keith Steenlage (ATL)

Keith Steenlage

Born: Lake Forest, Illinois

ATL Neighborhood: Ponce City Market, Atlanta

Biggest turning point: I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. When I was 14, my Dad suffered a serious injury in a farm accident. Faced with the prospect of losing the farm, my 16-year-old brother and I dropped out of school to take over my father’s farming responsibilities. We also both got full time jobs to supplement the farm income and support our six younger siblings. read more

Tribe Member Spotlight – Mike Buiocchi (ATL)

Mike Buiocchi has been part of the tribe since close to the beginning, when he heard of NP from a local run club. When Mike talks about his newfound passion for trail running, he’s being modest. He has already ran two 50ks (placing top 3 overall in both), a three-day mountain stage race and snagged a 2nd finish for a local Atl beer mile a few weeks back! Read more about this trail running dude below! read more

Tribe Member Spotlight (ATL) – Stein Esser

Stein Esser

Age: 29

Hometown: Macon, GA

Lived in Atlanta: Since 2006

Atlanta Neighborhood: Cheshire Bridge

Occupation: Health Informatics Consultant

Biggest Turning Point in my Life: Last summer, I realized I needed to change. I was at a low point mentally that affected me in pretty much every facet of my life. When you have depression, it’s kind of like living underwater where the world around you is obscured but the thoughts in your head are amplified. The way I coped with these episodes was to mentally checkout, go on autopilot, and ride it out until I was able to surface to my normal state. But, by mindlessly going through the motions too often, I really felt like I lost my sense of who I was. Even though I am very fortunate to have family, friends, and a very strange little dog here in Atlanta who have all helped me over the years (whether knowingly or unknowingly), I recognized that I needed to make more of an effort to grow and get out of my comfort zone. I wanted to be true to myself but do it in a way where I become more kind, more positive, and more available to others. read more

Tribe Member Spotlight (ATL) – Benjamin Nantasai

Benjamin Nantasai

Hometown: Chiang Mai – Thailand
(My family moved to Seattle, WA area when I was a late teen and I went to college in a small town called Pullman across the state at Washington State University (WSU). Right after grad school, I got a unique job position in the concrete design space with company in ATL, so they moved me to the Hotlanta right around the middle for 2016. And because I grew up in Thailand, I secretly love the heat and humidity 😅! read more