Today I forgot to wear pants [MTL]

My upstairs neighbour plays jazz guitar… with his amp up… usually around 11pm (or 23h as they say in the Q.C.). Sometimes that makes sleeping tricky. Last night, I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, wishing a number of ills on a stranger I have yet to meet. My Wednesday morning wakeup call is a non-negotiable because I need to show up for the people that show up for me at November Project. I take this responsibility very seriously, which is why today, I forgot to wear pants to the workout.

I was getting ready, I had all my gear laid out the night before: shirts, socks, shoes, underlayers, coats, mittens… and I almost got it right. However, as I climbed in the car and pulled away from my front door without time to spare, I looked down at my legs and realized, “Dammit, I’m not wearing any pants.”I WAS wearing long underwear and a pair of running shorts, so it wasn’t obvious to anyone but me, but in freezing temperatures this was a less than ideal oversight.

Our Wednesday morning workouts are a cherished time for me, and I wanted to take the opportunity to recognize all of the rad AF members that get up and show up to workoutsdespite less than ideal circumstances. 

So, for all of you that: 

  • Have long commutes, having to scrape ice off windshields and sit in cold cars as they thaw
  • Put your faith in public transit, which can be a fickle mistress
  • Pack bags full of clothes for your three different commitments on Wednesday
  • Have ever sat in traffic staring at your watch knowing the bounce has already started
  • Have pressed snooze one too many times because you were wrapped in a cozy blanket burrito
  • Have to rush off right after the picture because you have to be at work

…and show up anyway, I promise to show up for you, pants or no pants. Your commitment and dedication every week make my wake-up call worth it. Every. Dang. Time. If you’re tired of missing out, join us at Place Jacques Cartier at 6:29am every Wednesday!I promise we’ll show you the best time you can have at 6:30am with your pants on!

Yours in pants, 

– LC

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