The November Project Summit Weekend #NPSUMMIT

The 3rd Annual November Project Summit is coming! To keep it mixed up in location, to stay connected to the best, most fun race series, the Endurance Challenge by The North Face, and to hopefully build a new tribe while we’re at it, we’ve selected Park City Utah as our location. You’ll want to sign up your teams, book your rooms/campsites, and plan your travel now. If you making this trip, or considering making this your first summit experience, please consider the following:

1. WHAT: November Project Summit (Utah) at The North Face Endurance Challenge.

2. WHEN: Thursday, September 25-27 (races are during September 26-27).

3. WHERE: We suggest you fly into Salt Lake City and make the drive to Park City. Staying in Park City is best (that is where everyone will be).

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 3.51.41 PM

3. WHO: November Project leaders, November Project members, first time and experienced racers, citizens of the world. Our race of the choice is a Marathon Relay as it’s the most social event, but if you’re feeling badass don’t be afraid to sign up for longer distance (WARNING: If you’re racing on Sunday you won’t be partying on Saturday).

4. RACE SIGN-UP: To get a 25% discount please use NP25UT.

5. THURSDAY: Travel day. This may be hard for many to pull off because of real life and real jobs and things. Keep in mind that the race starts at elevation so as many nights that you can spend sleeping at hight altitude will make your race more manageable.

6. FRIDAY MORNING: 6:29AM popup in Salt Lake City. We’ll need to ask for as much hype, love and promotion for this event. Salt Lake City is a very cool place with a zillion active/non-active people that need an NP. The Pop-Up experience, on the grounds of the State House, will be the right kind of momentum the city needs to build something awesome. Be there or… just be there.

6B. FRIDAY: All Co-Leaders are booked for the entire day after the Pop-Up for Leadership Joke Training, Team Building, and organized nonsense by BG, Laura McCloskey, Dan Graham, and Bojan (maybe. Bojan and his wife are giving birth to their first child that same time and Bojan may not be in Utah. If he’s not there, we’re going to shave Paddy’s head and have him give his best Serbian accent). For the NP members who make the trip and are looking for something to do, please connect through social media or whatever other outlets kids use to communicate these days. Official #hashtag is #NPSUMMIT and #ECSUT.

6C. FRIDAY NIGHT: Get rest for the race. Be smart. ELEVATION – enough said. Nothing planned for Friday night.

7. SATURDAY DAY: Race day is at the main village of Park City Mountain Resort. There are post-party beers and chill times. You’re also within a 1 minute walk from coffee, food, and whatever else you’ll need. The race takes place in the middle of the day so please hydrate and plan to take care of your legs.

Turbo Racing

8. SATURDAY NIGHT: We’ll have a bar/space/dance floor that we’ll be taking over. Details TBD and we’ll post them as we get closer. This is going to take place in Park City for sure.

9: WHAT TO BRING: Sunscreen, cash, water/liquid, as much Grassroots Gear as possible (represent your city), gear to train in, gear to race in, gear to party in, sunglasses… you’re all going to be fine, just make sure to bring your positive vibes and we’ll be good to go.

10. NEVER MAKE A LIST OF 10: Never. See you in Utah.

11. In case you need an extra reason to sign up for this race



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