Blood, Sweat & Capes

What the photos today don’t show you is the roughness, blood, and pain behind the beauty, strength, and glory of the November Project workout. We usually look amazing in those well-crafted photographs–lightening fast as we sprint, spry as we burpee, light as air as we jump, and powerful as hell as we pull-up.  They’re authentically telling the story of our amazingness, our badassery, our hardcore NP-ness with each frame.  And behind the scenes, we battle through some fatigue, scrapes and bloodiness, ugly-ugly movements, extreme sweatiness, and stuff we might rather not see in pictures.  Sometimes we’re thankful that those moments don’t show up on camera, but sometimes it’s important to remember they’re there.

What the photos today don’t show you are the shins bloodied by the concrete wall–which we jumped up in a new way–and which challenged us to use our bodies in new ways.  More core/oblique strength, more coordination, and more possibility of making contact with the wall.  For that handful (or more) of you who bled today, we love you.  Your effort and scrapes don’t go unseen.  Now go clean that shit out. We don’t love infections 🙂

What the photos today don’t show you are the choices you all make to try something that might be too hard for you–but you’re willing to put yourself out there and TRY.  Maybe you won’t be able to do the pull-up, burpee, wall jump.  Maybe you’ll lose the sprint race down the sidewalk around the playground…but you made the choice to dig in and give it your all.  We can’t see what goes on inside your mind, or in your heart and your ego as you make those choices, but we know that so many of us in this tribe make choices to push harder, try something more difficult than we know what to do with, and just do more than we could or would on our own.  But choice by choice, little by little, the tribe gets stronger and more capable because we’re willing to try.  We know we’ll get cheered on even if we try, regardless of our success or “failure.” The tribe sees the good in the effort, not just the outcome.

What the photos today don’t show you are the other struggles we have going on in our lives.  Sickness, financial struggles, relationships, jobs, unemployment, housing, fear, anxiety, depression, politics, you name it, we know we’ve got it going on.  And in the midst of these, we still manage to show up and do silly little movements that may seem irrelevant in the bigger picture of our lives.  But we know they make a difference.  We know there’s scientific proof of the positive physical and mental impact of exercise and movement, so showing up especially because we have that shit going on is the right thing to do.  Showing up with a Superman crest on your chest or a cape around your shoulders to channel that inner superhero for yourself or in honor of someone else, is even better.

What the photos today DO show you is how amazing you all are.  How beautiful you are.  How strong you are.  How courageous you are.  How real you are.  You bleed, sweat, hurt, and feel sadness.  And you have the ability within you and the community around you to overcome the hard stuff and celebrate the good stuff.  This is the good stuff, people.

Keep changing the world.

Clean your wounds.


1. If you managed to count the points you scored by doing 10 reps of lateral/oblique wall mounts, burpees, lateral step-up & overs, by doing 5 reps of pull-ups, or by sprinting, TRACK IT NOW.

2. If you haven’t yet signed up for the NP Summit and The North Face Endurance Challenge Series Utah race Sept 25-27, #ECSUT, look at details here and get your discounted registration fee with NP.

3. WEDNESDAY is the last Wednesday of the month.  WE WILL RACE!!!  Full tour at the stadium, as fast as you can. Verbal NOW. There will also be #GrassrootsGear tagging happening so you can get all your clothes freshened up with November Project across the chest.  If you want to volunteer to be on the #PaintCrew please message me (Emily) directly and we’ll get you on the 5:30 or 6:30 team!

4. This shit is good.

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