That’s the way it is….. (NYC)

PR Day. What should someone expect when coming to PR Day for the first time? You should expect straight faced, hard nosed, runner people out there looking to flash through the course in a faster than before. You can find all of that out there.  People sweating, coming out of the woods, up the path, down the river, everywhere.  People come out for PR Day.  This is the day that we put it all on the line.  This is the day where we get to call ourselves the fittest group of mother fucking New Yorkers’ that have walked this earth.

The huffing an puffing of finish the PR course was out there.  People bent over, holding their knees, leaning on one another for support.  The hugs without saying anything because you are still out of breath.  Lining up to get your score posted in the books.  But then this happens………


Right? RIGHT?!?!  Typical NYC Tribe.  Typical NYC workout.  Typical PR course for our tribe. 5 mansions, going all out. We had some great PRs out there.Emily D went from finishing only 4 to CRUSHING it this week. She got all 5 done, plus she was 2mins faster that last time?!?!? Fuck Yea Emily. Had our second pilot for the 5:30 group, with just John and Uncle Pete.  Pete went hard in the 5:30 group……..but didn’t stop, because he went for two going with the 6:30 group as well.  Fuck yea Pete. We had a few friends from Boston, and we asked them if the workout fit into the category of “hard.”  One response was, “it was an ass kicking course, that’s for damn sure.”  Want to get your time on the board? We want to see your name up there.  #JustShowUp.  This tribe is ready for #ECSWI on Saturday, September 13, with the #NPSUMMIT  and the shenanigans that will be going along with it.

This community is so fucking awesome.  Just like this week’s PA winner, Chris Mosier.  He came and rocked out taking pictures as well as did some cool shit this weekend at the NYC Tri.  Thank’s to Kathy for helping with the books today.

FRIDAY’S WORKOUT: South of East River Park. Right across from where the path from Cherry St.,-73.9780786,166m/data=!3m1!1e3

Next Wednesday: Welcome to the Neighborhood Party.  More to come about that this weekend.  BE ON THE LOOKOUT

August 17th, 5 p.m.- ??? Save the Date.  #BetterThanBedtime


Times– Check Last Month’s Post for your time to see how you did:

Name Time
Nick Synan 13:46
Pete Kruse 13:54
Myles Fennon 13:59
Steve Mara 14:10
Ali Tercek 15:16
Powers 15:23
Brian Hsia 15:24
Lauren Wolman 15:57
Matt Elam 15:34
Nate Bliss 15:59
Jeff Todd 15:47
Mike Mclinden 17:45
Nicki Brooks 16:13
Chris Hilton 17:48
Ali White 19:09
Meredith Glansberg 18:58
Jessica Snider-Rodrigueiz 16:50
Zippy Downing 18:26
Jackie Marks 19:10
Shane Reed 15:49
Tracy Davis 17:47
Alex Burke 19:50
Allie Walker 20:30
Lauren Antonucci 17:03
Cory Good 16:35
Patrick Burke 19:46
Brett Saffer 17:35
Jeff Park 18:21
Amanda Stecco 20:05
Tom Uh 18:00
Andrew Drozdov 15:40
Sam Hamill 18:58
Molly Galdston 19:01
David Farron 18:15
Jackie Madrgi 21:45
Willa Kammerer 18:28
Abbey Schefler 17:57
Julie Sarovksy 22:04
John Martin 17:06
Dan Dence 17:19
Jenny Bartlett 20:13
Tara Hayes 20:17
Erin Fikentscher 21:49
Jessica Straley 18:40
Emily Policano 18:50
Julie Scherr 18:15
Jessica Butchta 20:05
Carly Weinreb 21:23
Icya Brukhman 17:45
Benjamin Gross 17:30
Pete Navatto 17:30 17:48
Katherine Shea 24:29
Terri Kohler 19:55
Krsitin Barber 18:52
Staci Wasco 17:11
Dan Schiemel 15:42
Rebecca Berg 19:21
Jamie Sukonnik 19:21
Kayla Monks 17:36
Melissa Nathanson 18:22
Laura Crawford 19:58
Taylor Watson 18:25
Ethan Hammer 5 20:15
Emily Daniels 25:31
Jason Schwab 20:45
Sanford Edwards 22:40
Liz Murray 20:25
Meissa Tozar 16:56
Winnie Lok 22:31
Vinnie Piccolo 24:10
Stephanie Warren 27:18
Michael Scialo 18:52
Alexa Magnotto 19:13
Shelli Gimelstein 20:15
Emily Muntz 19:08
Megan McGrath 22:28
Estehr Kendall 16:30
Nikki Pelazza 15:21
Jamie Hubbell 19:41
Madeline Higgins 20:40
Nathalie Kallen 26:00
AMR 23:01
Salin 20:10
Emily Faherty 17:38
Lucy Wallace 19:04
Ali Feller 17:50
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