All Tribes Lead to Madison, Wisconsin (#ECSWI)

Update: To connect with all the people that are racing in this event check out this group or put your information down in this spreadsheet if you’re looking for a partner to take on the race.

There are certain bands that have giant followings when they go on tour. Phish, Rolling Stone, Dave Matthews Band. They have an almost family quality in their mob that brings people from around the world to gather, camp, party, dance, and love on one another. You’re in the same space and before you even meet that biker with the Aeorosmith cut-off you know that you and she share the same values just because you’ve traveled to this exact place on earth, for this exact experience.

Now, at November Project, we don’t have fans or spectators even. We have members. If you’ve ever been to a single workout with NP in any of our 17 cities, technically, you’re a member for life. So let’s get the family, the tribe, the entire group to the same place for the same weekend of movement and good times. And we can’t gather for a good time without some kind of athletic throw-down event (or two). We bring you the gathering; The November Project Summit 2014 – #NPSUMMIT

You’ve saved money getting fit and fun with us in the last few weeks/months/years, now we want you to celebrate by going all in. This September we’re going to have the largest gathering of November Project members, co-leaders, and all around hype, that we’ve ever had in our almost 3 years running. Save the date, build your team, get your hotel/camp-site, and make sure to be a part of this. The weekend will have many fun and easy pieces you could join up with and we’d like to lay them all out so that you’re able to, in the words of Bojan Mandaric, just fucking show up.

Bauch NP Steps

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th, 6:30AM: The second November Project tribe of all time will host their usual beatdown workout in their usual Friday location “on the square” in Downtown Madison. Like all of your tribes out there, the workout will start exactly on time so if you have a dad-stroller, a tendency of being late, or issues with parking your rental, plan to arrive at 6:15AM to just get the vibes going. After the workout you’ll have roughly 24 hours until your next physical activity so plan to discover Madison with your new friends from the workout. This workout will be the first time that all 34 co-leaders (2 from each city) will be in the same NP workout at the same time.


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th, 11:00AM: The Co-Leaders from every one of the 17 cities will take part in The North Face Endurance Challenge in the Marathon Relay that starts at exactly 11:00AM. You’ll want to get on this NOW. Using the code NOVPROJ25WI to get 25% off the entry fee, you and your team of 4 or 2 will join this race officially – SIGN UP TODAY. Planning on racing in #GrassrootsGear under the name of “NOVEMBER PROJECT __________” (get creative here) to represent your specific tribe. Having Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and Minneapolis all within range, we should see a good showing from those tribes. With that said, how cool will it be to see the many NP logos on #GrassrootsGear before, during, and after the event from all over North America!? West Coast or East Coast? New Orleans or Edmonton? Who can show up in the largest/loudest way from each city?

Plan ahead: Getting to the race is an hour drive (without traffic) and you’ll want to be there for the painting, trash-talking, friendship building, and general nonsense which will begin roughly 90 minutes before the race goes off. Do the math here, leaving Madison by 8:30AM would be about right.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Downtown Madison, the Union Terrace, popcorn, ducks, beers, live music, fun, laughs, social times. Oh, and BG is going to make all of you swim once it gets late. He still thinks Madison is his hometown and that this is a good idea. Plan to get wet.


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th: Open. You’ll eventually need to make your way back into your real life. Travel home. Post the crap out of your #NP17 #GrassrootsGear #ECSWI (the race #) and #community photos just in time to make your fellow member’s faces melt off.

The tribe is gathering. The tribe is racing. The tribe is strong.

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