Clayton Slowly Loses it With Co-Leaders Away

Captains Log: Day 4 of NP with Just Clayton, things beginning to look rather grim. Foraging for food in Fort Mason proving futile. Subsisting on burpees and hills for breakfast. People keep saying this, but still haven’t figured out how to eat a burpee. Loosing weight rapidly. Drew a face on a potato and named it Pádraig. Pádraig is a good listener. Thought I saw Officer Gibbs today, may have been a mirage. Laura’s voice in head over and over: “Nice of you to show uppppppp….” — “Did you pick a hill for Fridayyyyyy?” — “Your workout ideas are way too coooompliiccaaaated…” Not sure who has positivity award.

photo 2

Haven’t heard from Pete Kruse in 8 hours, hope he is ok. Tried to pump up crowd today, accidently started Spongebob Theme Song. Crowd responded “Aye aye captain!” May have dreamt that last part. Weird chipmunk name Chabot on Facebook might be my closest friend. Putting this message in a bottle and throwing it into the bay. Hoping it reaches Paddy in Denver soon. Godspeed my little bottle friend. Please bring my co-leaders back to me.

photo 3

WEDNESDAY! Alta Plaza Park, 6:24am.

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