Happy Monday Everyone! (BOS)

If you’re into girls that are fearless athletes, extremely nice and polite, leaders by example, and very good looking, we have very sad news for you. The co-leader of November Project Edmonton, Jen Ference, as of this weekend is officially off the market. Jen we wish you and Rob all the best!


Here in Boston we had a very busy weekend. Some of you were racing all over the country, and some were training for the upcoming races. Some of you were watching the World Cup final games, and some were hanging out with their families. Some of you were working, and some were just enjoyed the beautiful New England summer. Whatever your choice of activities was this weekend, we hope you had an amazing time.

A group of trail running enthusiasts packed themselves into the car after the Friday morning workout, drove 11 hours to Blue Mountain Resort in Ontario, Canada, ran up and down some badass ski slopes, drove 11 hours back to Boston, and showed up for the workout this morning. If you want to see how much fun they didn’t have, check out these photos.

Speaking of this morning workout, how many of you knew that the location of our #DestinationDeck was right outside of the jail house? Yup, the best views of Charles River in Boston are reserved for the Suffolk County inmates. I learned this on a Duck Tour.

Anywoooo… our workout this morning was simple… 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off, 4 exercises (burpees, planks, pushups, V-ups), 4 times around.

If you ever find yourself in a jail cell (not recommended but worth noting while we’re already talking about jails) you’ll be able to do this workout no problem. Add a run to and from the location and you got yourself a nice way to start your week.

For those of you that made it all the way to the bottom of this ramble, you witnessed me writing about a wedding, trail running, the World Cup, Duck Tour, burpees, and jail house all in the same blog post. Today I achieved a new milestone!

Happy Monday everyone!

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