Crazy Eyes…I Mean Eights (SD)

So we had this workout called “Crazy Eights”. It was epic. I mean, people would be talking about this workout in China kind of epic. But alas, the world must not have been ready for Crazy Eights. For upon our arrival, the all wise Convention Center gods threw down their orange coned hammers and our Crazy Eights pathway was closed.

Now, strange things happen when we get upset. Some tribe members clench their fists. Others cry out in rage. I once saw a tribe member stomp his feet so hard it initiated a tsunami in Alaska. But today was a day that will live in infamy. Today I watched 21 usually attractive tribespeople and 1 usually adorable puppy come down with the nastiest set of Crazy Eyes I’ve ever seen. I don’t think the sleepy city of San Diego knew quite what to make of us. Instead of scrapping the workout, we just one upped the system and ran straight NINES around their ass. Boom. It was crazy alright…

Now that the 30 minutes is up, the adrenaline has subsided and I no longer feel like the hulk (why are my shorts ripped?) – it’s time to go about my day. But consider yourself warned San Diego – don’t mess the workout. It won’t stop us. Ever.

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