System Shock (IND)

Today was a chilly 54 degrees in July. The tribe be like “whhaaa?”  If the summer polar vortex wasn’t enough to shock your system, the workout will getcha. Our standard #UpAndOver was spiced up with burpee box jumps, elevated push-ups, a squat/box jump ladder and tricep dips with 25 minutes on the clock. We finished it off with everyone’s fave, the cheer tunnel.

We had tribe members from Boston and Madison! #FuckYeah.

And our very first #KidOfNovemberProject, Adina, earned her very first piece of #GrassrootsGear.


  • Social Tomorrow 7pm Rooftop Thursday. Meet us on the top (5th floor) of the Regions Tower for a one of a kind happy hour. No cover. Cash bar. DJ provided. Come see what your tribe looks like clean.


  • THIS S*** IS GONNA BE MASS PROPORTIONS OF EPICNESS. Jus’ sayin’. The cliff notes version: Tribe leaders from all 17 tribes are meeting in Madison, WI in September for a NP Leadership Conference (ploting #WorldTakeover) of sorts. And for s**** & giggles, we are racing a Marathon Relay (#ECSWI) that weekend. Because we #RaceEverything. While just leaders go to the conference (#NPSUMMIT) the whole fam damnily is invited for the weekend to workout with the Madison tribe (Friday morning), race the Marathon Relay (Saturday morning) and partake in regular shenanigans (24/7). This weekend might just change your life. Don’t risk #FOMO. Clear your calendar. See Bobbie with questions.


  • Next week Wednesday 6:15AM Indiana War Memorial North Stairs


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